Why You’d Want Heroic Scarlet Monastery

Why I would love to see Heroic Scarlet Monastery. Now, I’m as  curmudgeonly as they come when we’re talking about more old instances being dressed up anew but if anyone can make a good case for old lore being rehashed it’s Rades. So I started reading and within a few sentences Rades had me saying “Yeah! They should so revamp Scarlet Monastery!”

Rades dons his historian spectacles and gives us a full briefing – with pictures – on what’s gone on with the Scarlet Crusade since we first met them and why there’s plenty of room for their story to move on – especially inside their monastery. He does a great job of paring down a very long backstory into something that’s readable and engaging for non-lore nerds like me.

Let’s face it, the Scarlet Crusade is on its deathbed. There’s nothing left but tattered remnants, they have no brave young heroes to rebuild around, and they’re hopelessly overwhelmed on multiple fronts. It’s just a matter of time before Tirion, the Brotherhood of the Light, or even the Forsaken decide they’ve had enough of their crap and just step in to finish them off.

Rades points out that the crusade’s suffered so much that it makes sense to update them. But he doesn’t stop there: the latter half of his article is an outline of how the story in each section of Scarlet Monastery could be updated. In each case he presents something that feels like a real, viable story. The only thing I’m not sure on is whether they’d all link up in any way, as his ideas all feel like individuals apart from each other.

Still – definitely going in the right direction. What do you think they should do with Scarlet Monastery?

_Quote taken directly from Rades’ post

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