Muradin Musings: Why Your Reputation Is Important

A player’s reputation in game is affected by how they act. Seems simple, right? Well, Janyaa over at Muradin Musings is y’know, musing, that some players don’t think about their reputation. Or how it can affect them for better or worse.

Janyaa’s highlighting how a player can really mess up their chances of being included in group content by being a jackass. She’s talking straight from her own experience of being both a recruiter in her guild and someone who sometimes leads PUGs, and it shows that she knows what she’s talking about. She says that once someone shows some murky colours that’s the chance blown in her eyes. And, she points out, a negative reputation spreads by word of mouth.

The consequences don’t only affect a person’s ability to pug. I usually run into bad behavior while on my alt, without them knowing I’m also the recruitment officer for Jubilance. It’s interesting how much more honest people are when you are “incognito.” There have been many occasions that someone has tried to apply to the guild after I’ve had a negative encounter with them. Unfortunately for them, it’s too late. I already know what kind of person they are and how they choose to interact with others.

I’ll give you one guess on how well their application does.

Janyaa goes on to talk about how an individual’s reputation doesn’t just affect them, but can either poison or shinify their guildmates’ reputation. Simply by sharing the same guild tag. Some of this might seem obvious but perhaps it’s not: we all see people shooting themselves in the foot by behaving badly in groups.

What do you think? Is reputation something that people should take more care of, or is it too easy to simply change names or transfer to another server thereby resetting one’s reputation?


As an aside to this topic, I’d heartily recommend checking out the site WoW Jackass, which I was pointed to last night. You can search any realm for ‘jackasses’ and it’ll bring up descriptions of what the individual did to afford the title. It also has an option to rate information on ‘jackasses’. If you’re into PUGing this site looks like a great tool for checking people and ensuring a workable atmosphere. Murky reputations really do get round._

_Quote taken directly from Janyaa’s post

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