Friday Links: Female Appearance, Stupidity, God Mode And Community

There have been some great pieces in the blogosphere in the last week or so!

In fact, the entire ‘sphere seems to be waking up a bit at the moment – there’s a lot of quality writing and ideas out there. Very much enjoying it.

Here’s your dose of thinking to round out the week:

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Controversy Edition – Get Rid of Global Channels, Do Women Do All The WoW Work, and more

In the second of our massive round-up posts today, we’ve had some awesomely controversy-stirring posts over the last two days. From Beru invoking the sisterhood to Root and Branch with a modest proposal involving getting rid of all global chat, this is a damn fine bunch of thought food!

  • Beruthiel of Falling Leaves and Wings wonders if it’s true that women are the worker bees of WoW“If something needs to be done, and no one else is doing it, women tend to step up and say “well, someone has to do it”. “
  • Lara of Root and Branch isn’t messing around – she thinks that Blizzard should remove every last global chat channel in the game“These channels do not promote the social aspect of the game—if anything, they work against it, to the extent that they promote unstructured social interaction without any connection whatsoever to the wider game.”
  • And in a counter-point to the arguments that you shouldn’t play with RL friends, Gazmioff presents a heart-warming ode to playing MMOs with his wife“Why do men feel that falling in love or getting married has to mean giving up gaming? I didn’t have to hang up the D-pad. Instead I gained a Player 2 to share my games with. “

So, what do you think? Women doing all the work? No global chat? MMOs with your SO? Have your say below!

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