What Does Mists of Pandaria Need? (And Not Need)

What should be coming alongside Mists of Pandaria? And what shouldn’t be?

With the MMOsphere going increasingly quiet for the summer period, our thoughts are turning to the future. Today we’ve got three bloggers looking to the future of WoW, in particular, and offering lengthy, considered opinions on the ways that Azeroth needs to change in the Age of Pandaren:

  • Matthew Rossi thinks that, above all, the world of Azeroth needs villains, embedded in both the Alliance and Horde – and offers some suggestions for possible candidates“We’ve moved past the age of good guys and bad guys, but we can still make use of the idea that each side believes in good vs. evil, and very few armies in history have ever thought they were the bad guys. We need someone who will casually, cynically use this certainty to manipulate events to serve her or his ends”
  • The Grumpy Elf discusses the Black Market AH, changes to Valor Points, cross-server zones and the removal of Have Group Will Travel in Mists, and explains why he believes each of them could be disastrous“And how do they plan to handle spawns? What if terror spinner had spawned on server B 20 minutes ago and server B is the server you throw me on when it was due to spawn on my server in a few minutes? “
  • And Zellviren at Unwavering Sentinel considers the design of the Warrior class from the ground up, in a really interesting consideration of just how the class could be restored for Mists“Reining rage in hasn’t worked. Now, it’s time to embrace it and balance warriors around a different type of resource management that assumes rage is coming in extremely fast. Basically speaking, we want a rage system that doesn’t change a lot from tier to tier, retains the build and spend nature of the resource, and is fun to use; “feast or famine” has got to go.”

I must admit, whilst I’m still on the fence about much of Mists, I’m a little concerned about the Valor Point changes. Having no choice but to wait for random drops seems like a retrograde game design step, all the way back to Vanilla – and personally, I’ve never been a fan of the drop lottery, even less so if LFR drops become mandatory. Meanwhile, the “VPs as upgrades” model also seems likely to lead to even more social tension and conflict in the LF* tools, as experienced raiders are forced to run LFR for upgrade VPs.

What do you think? What does Mists still need – or need removed?

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Roundup: Plethora Of New WoW Blogs

There have been a few new blogs to hit the WoW blogosphere recently, and this time it’s quite a varied selection to choose from. RPers, PvPers, raiders – I think almost everyone has something to add to their reading list today. Even warriors are getting a voice*, not that I’m biased towards warriors or have five of them or anything.

So, without further ado, let’s welcome our new bloggers to the WoW blogosphere!

  • Moments In The Life of a DK – Lady Erinia is a death knight fan. She’s already talking about a good mix of things from DKs in Cataclysm to finding hidden camps with her guild, to her shiny new gaming computer. All of her posts have a sense of enthusiasm about them, which is really nice to see. Keeping an eye on this one, even though I’m not a DK.
  • Noob Raid – a fresh, new raider’s perspective. Our host is Annmariah, who’s regaling us with tales of her raiding and dungeoneering. I’m looking forward to seeing more posts, and wonder if we’ll get any ruminations on what it feels like to be a new raider right now, in old content coming into new.
  • Light without Life – focusses on RP, but has some chat about casual play as well. So far Cerylia’s doing an interesting thing with her post style, and mixing up OOC and RP talk, both from the point of view of her main character. I particularly approve of her post admiring her hunter’s pet ‘family’. Not that I’m a big softy or anything.
  • Sword and Board – very new Protection warrior blog. So new it’s still smoking gently and the press is still running down. Warriors are the flavour of the day here, though it looks like Vosskah will be throwing in some thoughts on raid leading and tactics. Looking forward to seeing this one progress.
  • P vee P – very clean and professional looking PVP blog. If the fact that Cenoir’s started off with a meaty four part guide, complete with diagrams, on healer placement in battlegrounds is anything to go by… well. Cynwise might have a contender in the making for the top PVP blog spot!

So, let’s welcome our new writers aboard! Alternatively, do you know of any bloggers just setting up shop, and can you give them some spotlight time? Let us know in the comments, contact form or via twitter!

*Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I don’t thnk warriors are represented by any other blog that’s regularly updated right now (WoWInsider aside)?

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