The Vial of the Sands – How to claim your dragon

Dragon mounts are boring. Who wants to ride a dragon when you can become a dragon? The Vial of the Sands is a rare item, craftable by alchemists, which will allow you to actually transform into a dragon. Even better, you’ll be able to carry an ally on your back. What could be cooler? Here’s our guide to Vial of the Sands – how to find it and how to get the mats together.

The easiest way to obtain Vial of the Sands is to buy it from the Auction House. If you’re made of money (and if there’s anybody selling it), then go right ahead. If you’re not that lucky, a more sensible solution is to find an alchemist who has the recipe. Ask in the trade channel (and be sure to offer a juicy tip), and hopefully you’ll find somebody with the recipe.

Assembling the materials

Brace yourself. This is going to be painful. To make a Vial of the Sands, you’ll need:

  • 12 x Truegold – Obtained from the Auction House, or from a friendly alchemist.
  • 8 x Flask of the Winds – Auction House or alchemist, again
  • 8 x Flask of Titanic Strength – Yet again, it’s your friendly neighborhood alchemist, or your less friendly neighborhood auction house
  • 8 x Deepstone Oil – yeah, you guessed it: alchemists. You’re less likely to find this on the auction house, although it’s quite possible.
  • 8 x Sands of Time – sold by Yasmin in Uldum. Not cheap.
  • 1 x Pyrium-laced Crystaline Vial – also sold by Yasmin in Uldum. Makes Sands of Time look cheap.

Once you’ve managed to assemble all of that, and found an alchemist with the recipe, hand over your mats (and your tip) and you’ll get a Vial of the Sands in return. Right-click the item to add the mount to your mount collection. The fact that the mount is, in fact, you doesn’t make a difference – you still summon it in the same way.

Now turn yourself into a dragon and spend the next four hours flying around your capital city, repeatedly typing “/y LOOK! I AM DRAGON! I WIN AT WARCRAFT LOLS!”. Go on. You’ve earned it.

Do-it-yourself dragon

If Alchemy is one of your professions, you might want to cut out the middle-man and make the Vial of the Sands yourself. First of all, you’ll need to find the recipe, which isn’t easy. You’ll need an Alchemy skill of 525 to learn it, but in order to even find the recipe you’ll also need a high Archaeology skill. The recipe is bind-on-pickup, to you’ve no option but to grind for it.

Like most of the items craftable with Archeology, the Vial of the Sands recipe is a random acquisition. You’ll only find it in a Canopic Jar, and even then it’s a low chance of getting the recipe – around 5-10% per jar. The Canopic Jar itself is a common artifact found from Tol’vir digsites. You’ll need an Archaeology skill of 450 before you get access to the Tol’vir digsites (they’re all in Uldum).

You can expect to craft quite a few Canopic Jars before you find the Vial of the Sands recipe. Remember, it’s a random drop, so it could be 10 jars, it could be 1, it could be 100!


The bottom line

There’s a cost associated with becoming a dragon. Unlike Eustace in The Chronicles Of Narnia, your cost will be measured in cold hard cash, rather than ephemeral hubris. All told, Eustace had the better deal. Expect to pay through the nose – and probably several other orifices as well – if you’re trying to obtain this mount.

The cost will vary significantly depending on exactly how you acquire the Vial of the Sands. Buying from the Auction House will probably be more expensive than obtaining the materials and finding a friendly alchemist. Having the recipe and crafting it yourself will be cheaper still. For most people, the approximate costs will be:

  • Truegold – 12 bars at ~650g per bar = 7,800g
  • Flask of the Winds – 8 flasks at ~130g per flask = 1,040g
  • Flask of Titanic Strength – 8 flasks at ~95g per flask = 760g
  • Deepstone Oil – 8 oils at ~8g per oil = 64g
  • Sands of Time – 8 sands at 3000g per sand = 24,000g
  • Pyrium-laced Crystaline Vial – 1 vial at 5000g per vial = 5000g

Obviously, the biggest costs here are the Sands of Time and the Pyrium-laced Crystaline Vial. Faction discounts won’t apply, but you can lower the price slightly with the guild perk Bartering.

Cost for the other materials can vary wildly between servers, and can even vary significantly at different times of the week, so some canny shopping is called for. You may be able to find an alchemist to craft these for you for a lower overall cost, although Truegold is on a crafting cooldown so no alchemist will be able to make more than one at a time.

The overall cost comes in at a very approximate 38,664g, plus the tip for your friendly alchemist. Bearing in mind that you’re spending nearly 40k on this one item, the tip should be more than a handful of coppers really – don’t you think?

Have you been lucky enough (or rich enough) to get your very own Vial of the Sands? Have you found the recipe? Did you manage to spend significantly less than our estimated cost? Let us know your tales and your tips in the comments.

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