The Last Challenge – deliberately playing undergeared?

Don’t kick that undergeared healer in your LFR group – they might be a hardcore player looking for the ultimate challenge!

Yes, Tzufit of Tree Heals Go Whoosh has been playing it differently in WoW, and committing what many would view as the ultimate sin – deliberately going into LFR and LFD undergeared. She’s doing it for the challenge – but what she discovers is that on a class she knows, she can do the apparently impossible

“Tzufit, you’re probably wondering, Why the heck haven’t you taken care of this druid? You know how she should be gemmed and enchanted, you have the gold and the crafting toons to make it happen – what’s up? Well, it’s pretty simple, really – I wanted to see if I could get away with healing like this. I pushed myself slowly at first, working my way through the original Cataclysm heroics until the Dungeon Finder thew me into an Hour of Twilight run that I wasn’t expecting. (I’d forgotten that HoTs would still pop up in my queue if my collective iLv was high enough, even if I had selected the “Random Cataclysm Heroic” option.) In that way, pushing myself on this toon happened almost by mistake. I zoned into the End Times dungeon and used the teleporter to get to the first boss – and it was Tyrande. My heart skipped a beat and I prepared for the worst – to wipe, to be ridiculed, to be kicked from the group. But, you know what? It was fine – just like it always is when I’m on my main.

This will sound overly simplistic but the reason I succeeded in that dungeon is pretty simple: I knew I would succeed. Now, I don’t mean this in some silly, motivational poster kind of way (Believe it and you can achieve it!). I mean that I knew I could heal HoT heroics and LFR with a resto druid, even an undergeared one, because I already had. This feeling, though, is significantly different than when I go into a new dungeon or raid with my priest or shaman healers. This feeling, this confidence, is specific to a resto druid.”

Tzufit goes through her experiences with other healing classes in similar situations, and comes to an interesting conclusion – that your main, the first character on whom you experience content, will always be easier to play, to the point that you can do the apparently impossible. Blending anecdotes and detailed healing analysis, this is a really interesting post.

And I think she’s stumbled upon a valuable point. My oldest characters – despite the massive changes they’ve gone through – still seem to be the characters with whom I play the best. Often, like Tzufit, I’ve found that gear is far less of a problem on a character I’m really familiar with than I’m expecting. Indeed, in Wrath, I had a very similar project to her, testing how bad I could keep my Gearscore and still put out excellent DPS. (I must admit this was also partially a Gearscore-bore-baiting exercise).

What’s your experience? Can you achieve marvels whilst undergeared if you know the character well enough?

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