Lotro: Treacherous Lights – how to complete the quest, find Rósar Greyhammer, Stígur Greyhammer and avoid the Bog Lights and Bog Guardians

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If you’re stuck on LOTRO: Treacherous Lights, in Chapter 5 of the Mirkwood content, you have my sympathy. It’s one of the more frustrating and unfair quests in any MMO currently available.

Here are a bunch of hints that should make wading around in the Drownholt less painful!

What you need to know

This quest works in a very strange way. The dwarves you’re looking for spawn in a random location within the Drownholt – however, so do a bunch of “fake” dwarves (the Bog Lights), which if you click on them summon Bog Guardian monsters.

It’s a very nice, creepy idea, but unfortunately in execution it can be very frustrating. Some things to know:

  • As we mentioned, the dwarves spawn in random locations – so any single location guide on the Internet is likely to be wrong. However, all the locations are fairly close to each other.
  • The quest guide is in on the con. Don’t trust quest markers on your map – they’ll lead you to Bog Lights, not the dwarves. You’re going to have to do this one with your eyes.
  • If someone else completes the quest and finds the real dwarves, they’ll despawn for 5 minutes or so. This is frustrating as hell. If possible, try and get other players to say if they’ve completed the quest – otherwise, try and do it in a very quiet time.
  • This quest is going to take you a while. Don’t expect to complete it in 5 minutes. Methodical searching will eventually help.
  • Some reported locations for the dwarves: 17.2s,56.9w, 18.4Ss 56.5W, 17.2Ss 56.9W, 18.1Ss 56.8W, 17.7S 56.9W


The best way to complete it

This one’s a hell of a quest to complete.

Many people are reporting that if you find a “fake” dwarf, you should head South from that location. In general, you need to be around the 17-18s, 56-57W area. (Check below your minimap for coordinates)

It’s really worth paying attention to who else is questing in the zone. However, joining together to do the quest as a Fellowship won’t really speed things up – after the first person clicks, according to several forum posts, the NPC will fade away and you’ll have to look for them again.

Overall – alot some time for this quest, be patient, give it a 5 minute rest after anyone else completes it, and don’t trust quest markers, and you’ll get through it eventually!

Good luck!

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