WoW Now: Mogging Tricks And Free Loot

I’m splitting WoW news into two parts this week, as it seems there’s at least as much discussion of what’s to come in the next expansion – whenever that arrives – as there is the current one.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some great posts about WoW as it is now.

Here are two great posts, from the practical to the theoretical:

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Weekend Roundup: CoH, WoW, and Farmville!

And finally, WoW – and other games. Including, in possibly its first ever appearance on MMO Melting Pot, Farmville…

  • Amijade writes a great, calming guide to all the things that will probably confuse and dismay us when Mists arrives“If you thought the flooding of information about the beta was already too much to handle, or if you thought the flood of information about the last patch was a lot…sit back, hang tight and hold-on! “
  • Olivia Grace at WoW Insider looks at the massively heated argument around account-bound achievements“Perhaps modifying the titles to something along the lines of “the original Bloodthirsty” would help, so that there’s a way to discern those who really did kill 250,000 people on one character from those who didn’t.”
  • The Grumpy Elf writes a great bit of nostalgia about his first ever companion pet in WoW“I had my cat and all I could summon was my cat. Why could I not summon my owl, I wanted to go out fighting with my owl. “
  • Ironyca rounds up some of the particularly impressive Transmogrification outfits from the recent Mog Madness competition“This is not to say that these are my 12 overall favourites, it’s more an opportunity for me to throw some more praise around. I don’t think I would be able to pick my favourites anyways, there were so many really strong mogs, it would be too hard!”
  • Sente defends NCSoft, the publishers and cancellers of City Of Heroes, who have taken a fair amount of flak lately“I do not see NCSoft as an evil company that cares nothing for its customers/players nor will I boycott everything that has NCSoft attached to it.”
  • And Pete at Dragonchasers takes a look at the sequel to a classic MMO that looks likely to take the market by storm. No, not Guild Wars 2. Farmville 2“If you add friends to your farm neighborhood, once a day they’ll show up at your farm and you can use them to finish some task. This is a great way to get long-duration crops quickly since your friend insta-harvests whatever you point them at. I was actually having fun playing Farmville 2 until I learned about milk bottles.”

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Mounted Combat, Embedded Reporters and Lost Opportunities

And closing out the weekend, we’ve got a bunch of looks to the future – from mounted combat in LoTRO to a writer just starting as an “embedded reporter” in EVE – plus a bit of a challenge from Big Bear Butt!

  • Justin Olivetti, AKA Syp, gives us a thorough and tremendously interesting introduction to LoTRO’s upcoming mounted combat“Campbell let me have at it in the vast, vast plains of Rohan, riding around at what felt like Mach 3. Seriously, these mounts are fast. “
  • Heartbourne at Lorehound asks a question I can’t believe I haven’t seen covered more – how will transmogging change Blizzard’s design approach?“What kind of armor designs are going to appeal to players? This is the million-gold question! Players complained during Burning Crusade that the highly stylized armor sets were too wild and thus wearing pieces from multiple sets made them look like a clown.”
  • Tyler Wilde kicks off a fascinating project in PC gamer, as he describes his first steps in becoming an embedded journalist with the Goonswarm in EVE Online“We jump into the next star system and I’m encased in a bubble of blue electricity. My frigate is disintegrated by a shower of projectiles. Again. “Oh dear I told them not to shoot you,” says Blawrf. “That was supposed to be your welcoming party.”
  • And Big Bear Butt looks at those “impossible” pets and achievements – the ones with Grinds From Hell attached – and challenges us to just try to complete them“Right now, at the tail end of this expansion, I have been having a more fufilling time than any other, simply because I am, one by one, knocking down so many of those “I wish I could but I can’ts” and turning them into, “What the hell, let’s give a shot, whats the worse that can happen?””

Have a great weekend!

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Smart Kids and MMO Graveyards

And finally, some great posts unconnected to the big controversies of the day…

  • JD Kenada at Amateur Azerothian is getting into the Olympic spirit by organising… the Transmogolympics!
  • Anne Stickney at WoW Insider argues that Cataclysm failed because it bored the smart kids“Quests like Welcome to the Machine and The Day Deathwing Came were instantly loved because they presented something so completely different than anything we’d seen before that they were immediately far more interesting than any other quest presented in the expansion.”
  • Ocho at Casual Aggro is now 100% convinced – Diablo 3 is an MMO. And he’s got some very interesting arguments“Cheating in single player games allows players to explore the game on multiple levels and fairness never even comes up in the equation. However, you cheat in Diablo 3, which does not claim to be an MMO and what happens? You get BANNED. “
  • And finally, Melmoth at Killed In A Smiling Accident writes a lovely piece on his equivalent of the Elephant’s Graveyard – the Disk of Abandoned MMORPGs“Rarely do I attempt to resurrect a game from its magnetised mausoleum, but often I wish myself a Frankenstein of files, able to take a perfect piece from this crypt, some small segment from this other, and thence hammer and hew, stretch sinew and stitch, until my meisterwerk takes form. Would it be a monster? Would it be misunderstood?”

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Mog Madness and Classical Art

It’s a bit of a quiet day on the blogosphere today, but fear not – there’s still some cool stuff going on!

  • Three prominent WoW blogs are teaming up to announce Mog Madness, a five-round, screenshot-based transmog contest looking for “creativity and originality”.
  • Melmoth of Killed in A Smiling Accident has been finding inspiration in the great artists of the past, specifically El Greco’s famous portrayal of … a PUG group?“The DPS just to the left of The Primary Whiner appears to be contemplating the ground – one presumes the subject is curious about the big puddle of fire they all seem to be standing in.”

Know any cool blogs or posts we should be featuring? Let us know!

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Azeroth’s Next Top Plate Model

Yes, it’s transmog time!

We’ve seen a few transmog / costume contests in the past, but this one’s already charging around the blogosphere like a caffeine-addicted wildebest. Yes, Sugar and Blood, in association with Blog Azeroth, has announced the rather wonderfully named Azeroth’s Next Top Plate Model

“First, must be between a level 55 (DK) and 85 plate wearer. Submit your girl for one or all of these categories:

  1. Plate/Alliance female, best-in-show

bq. 2. Plate/Horde female, best-in-show

bq. 3. Plate: Less is More: the least amount of armor (swimsuit competion)

bq. 4. If I Could Wear Cloth: “Evening Gown” – Knocking ‘em dead with class instead of steel and iron…

bq. 5. Talent Competion: put together a look that represents your profession. “Escort” doesn’t count.”

There’s no prizes beyond fame, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone – and hey, who doesn’t want to be able to list “Top Plate Model” amongst their accolades?

With Mists of Pandaria still some time away, it’s great to see all the memes, contests and general fun happening in the community – we’ll be sure to keep tabs on this one!

Will you be entering Azeroth’s Top Plate Model?

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