Quick-read Throne of the Four Winds tactics – earth, air, fire, water and loot

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Here’s an easy guide to Throne of the Four Winds tactics, which you can skim-read at the start of each fight, or copy and paste for your fellow raiders to read.

Conclave of Wind strategy

This is a 3-boss fight, with each boss having a separate health pool. They need to die within 60 seconds of each other. Split the raid: Main tank and ranged DPS on Anshal, melee DPS on Rohash, and the off-tank on Nezir. Watch out for their Ultimate Abilities, which happen when they hit maximum energy (shared pool).

  • Nezir: move out of ice patches, don’t stand in front of him (unless you’re the tank), group up for Sleet Storm (Nezir’s ultimate ability).
  • Rohash: move behind him whenever he casts Wind Blast. You can’t avoid his ultimate ability, Hurricane.
  • Anshal: don’t stand in the healing circle (and move the boss out of it if you’re the tank). Kill the adds ASAP (they can be slowed). Pop mitigation cooldowns for his ultimate ability, Zephyr.
  • Just before the bosses start their ultimate abilities, you need to switch platforms. All DPS move to Nezir. The Anshal tank and healers swap places with the Nezir tank and healers.

Conclave of Wind heroic mode strategy

The debuff from Anshal’s adds does far more damage, so they need to be kited. A Frost Death Knight is ideal for this. Rohash will sometimes cast a Storm Shield, which needs to be DPSed down quickly. Save your DPS cooldowns for the shield.

  • * *h2(#alakir). Al’Akir strategy

Phase 1

Split the raid into groups of two or three, to limit the damage from Lightning Strike. Casters should stand outside melee range.

  • Move out of the path of Ice Storm.
  • Avoid Squall Line – position yourself in the gap.
  • Stack on the boss when he casts Wind Burst.

Phase 2

Tanks and healers stand in front of the boss, everyone else behind him.

  • Continue to dodge Squall Line as in Phase 1.
  • The off-tank should pick up the adds. Kill them one at a time – each add death gives Al’Akir a debuff.
  • Acid Rain will do increasing damage. Healers will need to pop cooldowns towards the end of this phase.

Phase 3

Everyone gains flight in this phase, so positioning is three-dimensional.

  • Kill any remaining adds.
  • Move away from the raid if you get Lightning Rod, but stay at the same altitude.
  • Everyone should fly down a few meters every time Lightning Cloud is cast. When you reach the bottom, fly right back up to the top.
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