The Secret World: Fear, Essential Tips and Your Silent Player

The Secret World’s first few days still seem to be going strong – remarkably strong, in fact, with no reports of killer bugs/crashes/server busy messages that I’ve seen. Congrats to Funcom on that one!

And the interesting blog posts from the game are going strong. As possibly the most innovative MMO this year, combining a modern day setting, puzzle-heavy gameplay, a near-seamless server system and more, there’s plenty to talk about – so let’s dive right in:

  • Finding the newness a bit hard to navigate? Lono at Screaming Monkeys offers some essential starting tips on character creation, skills and quests“Your server choice is a lot less important than in other MMOs. You can still play with friends from other servers and even be guilded with people from other servers.”
  • Zoso at Killed In A Smiling Accident discusses Funcom’s unique solution to the “player character voice” problem – just having your character stay entirely silent“Outside cutscenes you can quiz some NPCs about a range of subjects and receive a spoken response, with no in-game indication of how you managed to elicit it; my current theory is that you have a big pad of paper, and scrawl “YOURSELF” or “ZOMBIES” on it, then wave it at the NPC until they start talking.”
  • And Syp at Bio Break considers the impact of another unique side to TSW – the fact that it’s the only horror-based MMO out there“I’m still trying to get a handle on TSW’s fear factor, because some of it purely atmospheric (which is fine with me and not scary at all) while other parts skew into pants-wetting horror.”

Are you playing The Secret World?

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Everybody’s Raid Findin’

Now that the second part of Dragon’s Soul is on the Raid Finder in WoW, it would appear that Raid Finding Madness is in full progress. From a trickle, to a steady flow last week, the commentary, insight, and sarcasm about the Raid Finder has now reached a full flood.

So, if you’re out there Finding Raids (as opposed to “Finding @_Rades”, which would be something else), here’s a selection of amusement, consideration, and advice for you today!

  • The Grumpy Elf goes nonlinear with a fascinating stream-of-conciousness on LFR“If they are not going to fix the loot problem, there is no reason to pug … They should give tanks a ready check option, even if they were not assigned leader … The leader never does a ready check and then asks, what are we waiting for? … Well, I can’t do a ready check so you do it and let me know when I can pull.”
  • Tzufit at Tree Heals Go Whoosh has a fascinating piece up asking whether the Raid Finder will cause a nasty case of cognitive dissonance in future raiders“Does Raid Finder give people a good sense of what raiding is like? Absolutely not. In fact, some part of me is worried about the effect Raid Finder will have on my guild’s recruitment from here on out, because I worry that our less experienced applicants may assume that raiding with a guild is like what they’ve done on Raid Finder.”
  • And Rank 4 Healing Touch concludes the day with some great tips for making sure that your fellow PUGers do it, you know, kind of right“The fights in Fall of Deathwing aren’t really so bad on the whole but what I’ve found helpful is a whole array of handy ‘raid warning’ macros that I drag onto my bar prior to every fight.”

Have you been Raid Findin’ on the weekend? How was it?

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How will you build your character in SWTOR?

In my (admittedly brief) time playing SWTOR so far, one thing I’ve noticed is that the game’s dialog choices, rather like Skyrim’s endless options, really push you toward developing a very definite idea of who your character is. For an old-school roleplayer like myself, that was one of the elements of the game I liked the most – the fact that I ended up with an idea of my character as a person.

Vrykerion of the Land of Odd has been having a similar experience, and today writes a lengthy but very interesting piece exploring the choices his characters have made, and offering some tips for developing your character as a person in SWTOR’s far, far away galaxy –

“ My consular was originally designed to look like Morpheus from the Matrix. Which seemed like a good idea for a Jedi that sought truth and wisdom in ancient relics. However, as soon as those first cut scenes took off, he completely changed gears. The waves of compliments quickly formed in this egotistical Jedi that only cared for his own success. The things the NPCs say to you and how you respond to them, as well as the actually plotline surrounding your character can give you a lot of ideas for fleshing out the details.

My Sith inquisitor’s concept is partially trying to fit the race I wanted with the story I was given, and viola! A twisted and dark incarnation of the Count of Monte Cristo forms in my mind. I would recommend playing to level 4-5 and see if anything strikes you. It takes a short enough time that deleting and re-rolling won’t feel like much of a waste, and you’ll be able to develop a character with an informed decision on where they will be starting out.”

Have you played SWTOR’s beta, and if so, did you find your character forming in your mind as a person, not just a “toon”?

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HOWTO: Switch Main Characters in LoTRO

Practical guide time! If you’ve ever changed main character in an MMO, you’ll know it can be a pretty involved experience – and if you’ve not done it before in a game, it’ll often take longer than you think. That’s particularly true in Lord of the Rings Online, with its Deeds, Traits, and other complexities.

I hadn’t thought of half the things that Casual Stroll To Mordor’s guide takes us through

“Now in my opinion there are really only several of these points that will take up a lot of time after switching mains; and they may even have you rethinking about your decision. The foremost of these decisions is player virtues, especially if you want to do end game content. Now while some of the virtues that can be earned with natural gameplay, it’s really only in the later zones such as Enedwaith and Dunland that I really have seen Turbine being what I consider “reasonable” when it comes to deeds. I really think that Turbine needs to take a hard look at some of the slayer deeds that require killing 360 of the same mob or older raids and dungeons such as needing to kill a large number of the Watcher in the Water’s tentacles and Champion of Urugarth (Advanced) to see if this is really where they want their player base spending their time moving forward. But until they do so, this is what will be required unless you want to spend Turbine Points.”

Have you changed mains recently? Any tips?

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Becoming a Flamecaller

We don’t feature guides terribly often on MMO Melting Pot, but every once in a while I like to feature a good one – particularly a guide to a part of the game that isn’t classes or raid bosses, but something more niche, more obscure, more interesting.

And frankly, it may be remiss of me, but I didn’t even realise there was a title to be had from the Firelands dailies.

It turns out that there is – the Flamecaller, to be precise – and today Killing ’em Slowly has a guide to getting the hardest achievements in the zone:

When all you have left is the bombing run achievement (if this is not your last one, you’ve either planned very well or gotten very luck. The odds are totally against you. You have to get the quest, which isn’t always up, and then get the spawns you need, one per day. Ugh), you can simplify the process by not turning in the quest. Thus, it should remain active for you. Obviously, you’re sacrificing marks, but if you’re done, who cares? The downside here is that you’ll need to log out near the quest giver because the fire comes back every day (or do some clever corpse running to get there). If you don’t, then you can still get there by completing the pre-requisite dailies, but that’s sort of a pain.

I’m actually slightly surprised that there’s a title on offer here. It’s not that the Firelands dailies aren’t a hell of a lot of work (I’ve completed them, and my word, that was a grind I never want to do again), but titles tend to be fiercely protected by Blizzard, and even given the scale of the task, it still feels… almost… worth doing for a title, particularly a rather cool one.

Having said that, I’ve heard that some of these achievements are a total bitch. I haven’t completed them, but after reading this guide, I might give it a go…

Any other tips for the Firelands Achievements? And can you think of other easily-achieved titles?

_Quote taken directly from Killing ’em Slowly’s post.

Find Killing ’em Slowly at

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How to make “Those” raid nights suck less

[Raid Leader] HealyPally: Ok, guys, everyone ready? Lolelf? Lolelf? Are you there? OMG, he’s DC’ed AGAIN? AAARGH!

[Raid] imbadeeps: Tihs is takin ages, I’m off to buy smokes. Back in 10.

[Raid Leader] HealyPally: What? Wait! No!

[Raid] Lolelf: Back. Sry! But I gotta change the baby in 10 mins, hope that’s cool.

[Raid Leader] HealyPally: AAARGH!

We’ve all had nights like that. And so, from Manalicious comes a fantastic guide to just how to survive them, from taking breaks to perspective-getting to essential oils:

Was your night really all that bad? For our raid night, we didn’t kill all the bosses we would have liked, but the ones we did kill we killed pretty cleanly. I healed a different tank than I usually do on Shannox; our other tank healer got a chance to experience the damage patterns of the opposite tank as well. Beth’tilac went down very easily, and it was again a new tank doing the “upstairs” task. It could have been worse. We could have killed nothing. Or one less boss, or two less bosses. We got some valor points. Trash went very smoothly. I was mostly happy with P1 of Alysrazor as well. We’ve killed these bosses before. We will kill them again.

First up, I must say that it’s nice to see another raid group that takes sensible amounts of breaks. It improves your performance, guys! It’s Proven By Science with numbers and everything!

But moving beyond my efficiency obsessions, this is a great guide. It covers a whole range of options, from learning from your mistakes to mind-body issues that might be making you more tense. (The only thing I’d add, being arguably even more of a hippy than Vidalya, is that breathing exercises are surprisingly effective in improving mistake-laiden performance.) I’d recommend a read before the next time that the DC fairy strikes.

Any other tips? Or do you think all this “take breaks, breathe, think” stuff is a bunch of hippy crap?

_Quote taken directly from Vidalya’s post on Manalicious.

Find Manalicious’s homepage at

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The Warsong Priest: 6 Reasons To Keep Your Eye On Discipline Priests

I’ve just stumbled upon a great post by The Warsong Priest. It’s a couple of days old now but fresh as a daisy, and is aimed at PvPers out there. Warsong Priest’s giving six tips for a discipline priest in battlegrounds or arena, which as a sometime-discy priest myself I found really useful.

And I bet for anyone who isn’t a discy priest, these are useful tidbits of knowledge to remember for next time you’re facing a disc priest in battle.

The post is well written and explains why you’d want to use these tricks, and when, too. The tips cover everything from best shadow fiend practice to some tricks with breaking CC and fears. I’ll leave you with part of one of them for now, just to whet your appetite…

He pops his shadowfiend, you pop yours.. now the very first thing you should think to do is Psychic Scream  his shadow fiend off you.  Shadowfiends last 15 seconds and you’ve got it feared for 8 plus it has to return back to you meaning that priest isn’t going to get a lot of mana back by the time the shadowfiend dies. So when you pop your shadowfiend you immediately give it fear ward and now since you’re also fighting a priest he thinks to do the same thing you did and he tries to fear your fiend..

Have you got any tips you can add to this, whatever your class is? Or have you fallen foul of a dastardly priest using these tricks?

_Quote taken directly from Warsong Priest’s post

You can find The Warsong Priest’s homepage here_

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Druid cat DPS tips {Cataclysm}

This guide is outdated! To get the latest on how to play a cat druid in Patch 4.2, including glyphs, rotation, gems and reforging, check our new 4.2 guide out!


So you’re looking for some quick tips on how to be a cat? Saucers of milk and mice aside, it’s not so easy to be a cat in WoW. But here are some top tips on how to increase your DPS as a cat druid.

Whether you need to know about managing your cat debuffs, what addons a feral druid should use or what resources there are for cat DPS, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for straight info on druid cat DPS spell rotations, take a look at our other article here.

Help! Druid cat DPS is complicated. How do I manage my debuffs as a feral cat?

  • Don’t let savage roar run out
  • Use Tiger’s Fury and Berserk every time you can
  • Keep savage roar and rip offset so they’re not running out together and you can refresh one, build combo points, then refresh the other.
  • Tip for the top: practice all of this on a target dummy. You can find them in most major cities.
  • Follow the kitty DPS rotation we outlined in this article.

What addons are useful for feral cats?

  • NeedToKnow – will help you track savage roar, rip, rake and mangle. And anything else you like.
  • FeralByNight – help for kitty druids in lots of ways including suggestions for next ability and tracking trinkets and energy
  • ComboPointRedux – tracks your combo points. Most graphic HUD addons like IceHUD also do this so check them first if you’ve already got them installed
  • TimeToDie – if you’re a raider this will tell you how long the boss is going to live so that you can get the bset out of your last crucial moves

I’m all alone! Well, maybe not, but other cats don’t talk to me. What resources are there for feral cats?

And of course…

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