Weekend Roundup: WoW

Mists of Pandaria is looming in upon us now, and the world of WoW is aware of it – raid leaders preparing their troops, players organising their characters, and everyone waiting for the Dawn Of The Pandas.

But it’s not all Pandaria, Pandaria, Pandaria from this weekend…

  • Ironyca explores the urban legends around the old version of Scholomance, and the “don’t talk to the students” advice“So what happened if you spoke to the students, or for that matter the teachers? Did the entire room turn against you? – actually not.”
  • Anne Stickney explains some of the neat lore developments in WoW that are being incubated in the trading-card game, of all things“With one little expansion, the WoW TCG neatly wove itself into the main story of Warcraft, introducing another lore element that ties in to the overall theme of Cataclysm. This was, to say the least, the most unexpected place I ever thought I’d see it.”
  • Derevka writes a very timely guide to staying healthy and sane during the MoP release madness“During quest/NPC RP, flightpaths, any break you take… Do a couple of push ups, squats, crunches… literally, do them. It keeps your blood moving, and can help release endorphins.”
  • Sometimes A Tree is concerned that the implications of Challenge Mode normalisation mean we’ll all have very full bags come MoP” The reason being that within the context of Challenge Modes, every single item over that level becomes a side-grade.”
  • And The Grumpy Elf is far from grumpy as he enthuses about the implications of Challenge Modes as a far better competitive PvE arena than heroic raids” Perhaps Kin Raiders did get world best time when they did it first but then the world fifth might have beaten it. This means that there is no slacking off for Kin Raiders if they want to keep that number 1 spot, they need to get back in there and try to get their world best time back. It makes the heroic tier last a hell of a lot longer.”

I must admit, I’m very excited about Challenge Modes too. Everything from the normalised gear to the official ladder says that they’re something I could get very addicted to – and like Grumpy, I’m excited about how they could develop, too.

What’s exciting you about MoP these days?

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