WoW: The Demon Chain – stuck on this quest? We’ll help you out.

There are several rather confusing quests in WoW. The Demon Chain is one of them. It’s a key moment in the Twilight Highlands Horde quest chain, but it leaves a lot of players stuck.

It’s actually a very easy quest. Here’s our quick guide.

Find the chain

Narkrall Rakeclaw has stolen the Demon Chain and run away with it. It’s your job to chase him down and get it back. Luckily for you, Narkrall is already dead, so all you’ll have to do is to pluck the chain from his corpse.

You’ll find Narkrall in Thundermar, to the north-west of Bloodgluch. He’s not inside any of the buildings – he’s on a hill just outside. If you’re using an addon with map coordinates, his precise position is [49.1, 28.2].

The chain is not looted from Narkrall‘s corpse. Instead, you’ll find it as a separate lootable item next to the corpse (it’s the red and gold necklace lying just above his left shoulder).

Narkrall's corpse with the demon chain

Narkrall's corpse with the demon chain next to him. Image originally posted on Wowhead by dontforgetme


Zaela’s quest text suggests that “Thundermar … will be in chaos“, which might lead you to expect resistance, but you won’t have any mobs to fight except for a single Alliance mob which will spawn as you loot the chain. You can even avoid this fight by quickly mounting and flying away.

Once you’ve obtained the Demon Chain, return to Zaela to hand in the quest and carry on with the Dragonmaw storyline.

Do you have any good tips for this quest? Let us know in the comments.

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