Stuck on Lotro: Techniques of the Masters? Here’s some help.

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In the North Downs at about Level 34, you’ll be asked to retrieve Asikko’s Book as part of the quest Techniques of the Masters.

There are two basic problems you might find with this quest – firstly, finding the book, and secondly, getting it out from under the nose of the hostile mobs that surround it.

Finding and retrieving Asikko’s Book

The book is located in a hut – actually a kinda half-walled hide thing – at 9.0SN, 33.8W, to the Northeast of the North Downs zone. Here’s a map location:

Zone map for the location of Asikko's Book for Techniques of the Masters

close-up map of the location of Asikko's book for Techniques of the Masters

Once you’re there, you’ll see that the nearby area is rather mobbed with, well, mobs – Rauta-Lehma warriors, to be exact. Taking all of them on, particularly if you’re a bit under-levelled, can be very tricky.

Fortunately, they’re not the sharpest tools in the box.


One commenter says that you can get through the entire quest without a single kill if you enter the village from the road. We didn’t have that much luck, but nonetheless, it’s certainly possible to avoid the mass of mobs at the front of the tent.

Simply go around the back of the tent, then angle your camera view so that you can click on the book. The aggro radius for the warriors is unusually low, and you should be able to do this without attracting their attention. Follow the path below:

How to get close to Asikko's Book for Techniques of the Masters

(Original image from the awesome Lotro Life)

Once you’ve got the book, simply head back to Asikko, and you’ll be ready to head on to the next part in the chain!

Any other tips for the Techniques of the Masters? Have you managed to do it without a single monster kill? Comment below!

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