How To Find Deathwing, kill Deathwing, and take his/her/its stuff

So, you’re wanting to face the ultimate boss of Cataclysm? You want to find the Aspect of Death himself, smash your fist into his iron jaw, watch him drop, and take his stuff? You want to know how to find Deathwing?

Well, here’s our simple, straightforward guide to everything you need to know about downing the Dragon With The Iron Mask.

You can’t.

You what now?

You can’t kill Deathwing. Not because he’s Death Itself or anything similar (we’re pretty sure that won’t stop Paragon from turning him into Dragonburgers within about 35 seconds of his first raid boss appearance), but because he ain’t in the game as a killable NPC yet.

As they have done with previous patches, Blizzard are holding the ultimate boss of Cataclysm back, probably for the final patch. In the meantime, we’re getting to fight his lieutenants (Nefarion and Cho’gall), his minions (let’s face it, Ragneros is basically Deathwing’s bitch at this point) and sundry people who shout about having been granted “ULTIMATE POWER by DEEEEAAAATHWINNNG!” shortly before you chib them.

(Of course, if you’re reading this in 2014, this information no longer applies. In which case, I’m happy to inform you that a Level 95 Life Knight can easily solo Deathwing by using their ability to appear to be a rotten tooth, hiding inside his massive jaw, and waiting for him to freak out, rip his own face off, and then sulk off in a huff because he’s no longer pretty. Or something.)

However, if you don’t want to bash his skull in, but just want to do the friendlier thing of taking a few screenshots with him, or possibly Stand in his Fire (which is less dodgy than it sounds), that’s considerably more doable.


How To Find A Dragon With A Jaw The Size Of Belgium

Deathwing makes an appearance in 4 places in Cataclysm, not counting the title screen (which we figure you’ve seen):

Stood In The Fire

The first, and probably best-known, of his appearances, Deathwing will randomly overfly any Cataclysm zone from time to time, and burn a large portion of it to the ground.

The good news is that you’ll get an achievement for seeing this rather too close and personal – the achievement Stood In The Fire.

The bad news is that it’s totally random – there’s no way to “force” Deathwing to show, and even if he does show, no-one’s mapped the paths he burns through the zones. (That I know of – please comment below if they have).

So, unfortunately, your only real chance here is to play a lot, outside cities, and hope one day he fries you.

The Hyjal Appearance

The Deathwing appearance most people have already seen is at the very start of the Mount Hyjal chain. The dragon flying you to the quest zone, not being the brightest of critters, nearly runs you into Deathy as he looms over the Sulfuron Spire in Hyjal, presumably engaged in giving all his hoarded Refer A Friend levels to Ragneros below him. (At least, that’s how I explain how a level 60 raid boss is suddenly capable of causing Paragon no less than 500 wipes).

You can’t really miss this one. Just start the Hyjal chain from your captial city, and remember not to jump off your dragon when he does a flyby on two Level 88 Raid bosses. (Just kidding – you can’t.)

The Day That Deathwing Came

Inspiring a number of lore enthusiasts to a frothing frenzy, Deathwing makes an appearance in human form in the quests “The Day That Deathwing Came” and “The Day That Deathwing Came – What Really Happened”. Yes, he’s still got a massive, massive jaw.

You can find these quests in the South-East of the Badlands at Level 47 – they’re not part of a huge chain, so almost anyone is heartily encouraged to go and do them. Various commenters on WoWHead call them “the best quest ever”.

Battle of Life and Death

And for Deathwing’s most epic appearance – and this one’s really pretty darn good – he turns up at the end of the Twilight Highlands chains to fight Alexstrasa, the Dragon Aspect of Life. This actually happens in-game, not just in a cutscene.

Unfortunately, getting there involves hacking through all of the Twilight Highlands quests, which precious few people bother to do. It’s a pity – the cutscenes at the end are actually really good, and worth watching.

If you really can’t be bothered, and are OK with watching them on a much smaller screen than your gaming PC, here’s the ending cutscene in 100% pure YouTube form:

Other Cutscene Appearances

Deathwing makes a couple of cameo appearances in other cutscenes, too, but neither are actually in-game:

In Rheastrasa’s Gift, Deathwing turns up and does some stuff (I don’t want to spoiler) – here’s the Youtube vid.

And in The Worldbreaker (in Twilight Highlands, again, sigh), Deathwing turns up – sorta. See the spoiler vid on YouTube.

And that’s it! Do you know of any Deathie appearances we’re not aware of? Post them below!

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