Would you like to help stir the Pot?

As you’ve probably seen, I’m in a massive time crunch right now, as are the rest of the Pot crew, and hence the update schedule for the Pot has dropped off a bit.

Hence, I’m wondering if anyone from the MMO blogging community would be interested in coming on board as a volunteer curator, to help me out posting updates once or twice a week – as you see interesting things that deserve a wider audience.

You’d need to have enough time to keep up with a LOT of MMO blogs – not just a personal RSS feed, but an overview of the entire community – good writing ability, and be reliable.

If that sounds like fun, let me know at [email protected] , and we can discuss further from there.

This is still an early-stage idea – it may turn out that it’s hard to fit another member into the Pot’s staff, or some other reason prevents us from doing this. So if we don’t choose you in the end, please don’t be offended! But I think it’s an idea that could potentially turn out really well.

Interested? Let me know!

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