SWTOR: The State Of The Game & more

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s developers recently released their “state of the game” summary, and several bloggers have been discussing their statements. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the galaxy, another blogger’s just suffering in the throes of (lack of) romance…

  • Njessi is thoroughly confused at a rather odd is-it-isn’t-it same sex romance plot – or not – in SWTOR“Wait, what? How is this supposed to be tempting to me, when I know full well that same gender romances are not in the game – so what the hell is she offering? Playing a scintillating game of Trivial Pursuit or Parcheesi? “
  • Syp looks over the State Of the Game, and feels that it’s a very mixed bag“If BioWare is keeping its head in the sand over the whole “subscriptions was our main downfall” line, at least it’s not trying to ignore or obfuscate the fact that the studio’s suffered a lot of personnel losses from the very top on down.”
  • And Tobold argues that the State Of The Game does indeed say “Yes, our game failed”“To me, saying “our game cannot hold subscribers” is a rather frank admission of defeat. It is equivalent to saying that the game on offer just isn’t worth $15 a month to most people. “

What did you think of SWTOR’s State of the Game?

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