Sith Madness Sorcerer Quick Start Guide for SWTOR: rotation and priorities, talents, stats, gear, spec and companions

“Now, young Jedi – you will DIE!” ZORCHZAPSCREAM – etc. Yes, for most of us, that’s the reason we rolled a damn Sith in the first place – to cackle, look evil, and fry Mark Hamil with Force Lightning. Except it turns out that there’s more to DPSing in SWTOR, particularly once you get to Level 50, level cap, than just spamming lightning and cackling. So, for the confused, furrowed-brow Madness Sorcerer, here’s a guide to our best abilities, rotation (and priorities), talents and spec, gear, stats, and even our companions.

This is a work in progress! Star Wars: The Old Republic hasn’t been out for long enough for us to have a 100% solid idea of what talents, abilities and so on are best, so we’re going on the work of the top theorycrafters here as they figure the game out. However, this guide should give you a good start and put your damage well beyond what 95% of the SWTOR playerbase are able to do.

Obviously, this is a first draft guide – if you have comments or suggestions, please do post them below!

Updated 10th February 2012 for Patch 1.1.2

Sith Madness Sorcerer Ability Rotation

  • Top Priority: If Lightning Barrage has procced, use Force Lightning.
  • Second Priority: If the target doesn’t currently have Affliction on them, cast Affliction. Otherwise, cast Death Field or Crushing Darkness if they’re off cooldown.
  • Third Priority: If Wrath has procced, cast Chain Lightning if it’s off cooldown. Otherwise, spam Force Lightning.

Wrath: Ideally, you should use Wrath with Crushing Darkness. It’s a DPS increase to use it with Chain Lightning if Crushing Darkness is on CD, however.

AOE: Use Death Field as top priority, then multi-DOT with Affliction and use Chain Lightning. If there are 5 or more mobs, use Chain Lightning as top priority.

Sith Madness Sorcerer Talent Spec / Build

There is some ongoing discussion as to the best Madness spec.

This spec appears to be a generally good DPS spec.

This spec is more Force-efficient – use if you’re running out of Force regularly.


Stats and Gear for Madness Sorcerers

Willpower is absolutely the most important stat for Sith Sorcerers in general, including Madness. Power is our most important secondary stat.

At the moment a good basic stat priority to use is Willpower, then Power/Force Power, then Surge, Crit, and Alacrity in that order.

Stats we don’t want: We have no use for Strength, Aim, Cunning, very little use for Endurance, and little use for Presence unless we’re using a companion a lot. Shield, Absorbtion and Accuracy are also useless for Sith Sorcerers in general, and Defence is basically useless.


Currently it appears that at end-game your best companion choices are Ashara Zavros for DPS or Xalek as a (rather weak) tank.

2V-R8 is completely useless for combat purposes for a Sorcerer.

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Star Wars Beta Reactions Roundup

Ah, I do love a good NDA-drop day. Last week, whilst I was busy sunning myself on the mountain slopes of Skyrim, Bioware and Electronic Arts announced that bloggers and press were now free to comment on the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta, which many of them have been playing for months.

So, the news, views and opinions are now out there – and the good news is this: there’s no “hated it” section in this roundup list.


Retelling the Experience

Single Focus

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Daily Heroics, World Without WotLK and Looking Forward To Things

Now, an MMO blog post that makes me think “oooooh, that’s a good idea!” or “what if…” is a blog post that I might well feature on the Pot. I mean, there are other sorts of posts too, but those posts are strong contenders. And today, within the space of about 20 minutes, I found several of them about a whole bunch of MMOs. It led me to a quandary – which one do I feature?

There’s only one answer to that. All of them. So here goes – hope they inspire you to ponder as much as they did me.

  • What If WotLK Never Happened – Priest With A Cause:WOTLK introduced so many new mechanics to the game that it’s actually quite hard to imagine WoW without them now. But what if?”
  • Remove The Daily Heroic – Blsesing of Kings:But suppose that Heroic 5-mans never gave out Valor? That the only way you could get Valor is from raiding. What would happen?”
  • Big Pulls – Heavy Wool Bandage:But if you consistently are bored as healer and feel like demanding that the rest of the group perform poorly just so you’ll have something more exciting to do, maybe you shouldn’t be healing.”
  • Anticipation – Bio Break: “…I simply love looking forward to new games.  I kind of find it silly when people tell me not to, just because there’s a chance they may let me down.  Well, yes, I understand that, but for me it’s like movies.”
  • [SWTOR] Why I Still Want To Play This Thing – Welcome To Spinksville:What I am expecting from SWTOR is exactly Bioware mechanics and storytelling ‘bolted on’ to an MMO core, which probably will have a lot in common with WoW-type games. So telling me it’s like that is really not a turn-off.”

That’s it for now – have you got any thoughts on these? Or did I miss a post that should be on here? Either way, let us know!

Quotes taken directly from posts linked just before them

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A Game You Just Won’t Be Able To Stop Playing

Hands up everyone who hears about a new MMO in the works and think “ah, that’ll be WoW version X then.” Thought so. It’s very hard for new MMOs’ developers to break gamers’ expectations that their little monster gem of a game will be a drab counterfeit, let alone actually break the mold.

Which is why Gamasutra’s feature talking to the guys behind the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic caught my eye. Of course we should bear in mind they’re trying to sell their new game and have a vested interest in getting us to think it’s golddust gushing from a leprechaun’s left sock.

That aside they’re saying something interesting and they sound confident. They’re saying that the game makes you feel so special you won’t want to play anything else.

“The reaction that we’ve had, and a lot of people playing it have had… is that frankly once you’ve tried it, you just can’t go back. You don’t want to try other MMOs anymore. I think that’s what imbuing the game with a sense of heroic purpose and identity achieves.”

A bold statement. The article highlights other bits of Gamasutra’s chat with SWTOR’s guys but if you have a gander at the full version you’ll find out even more, like how they’ve got a lot of experienced MMO developers on their side (I did wonder where Blizzard’s went /handbag) and why they’re so confident they can sustain a top quality game in a tough industry.

An interesting read for anyone, Star Wars fan or not, given the comparisons to WoW and the state of the MMO industry. How about you – do you think they’ve really got the force or are they talking hot air?

_Quote taken directly from Gamasutra’s lead-in piece on the interview

you can find Gamasutra’s homepage here_

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