What is a priority system in WoW?

A priority system in WoW is a list of abilities, each of which is less important than the last. So for example, if your class has a priority system like this:

Mangle > Rip > Rake > Savage Roar > Shred for combo points > Ferocious Bite

Then mangle is the most important thing on the list and ferocious bite is the least important thing on the list. If you cannot use mangle you move on to the next ability on the list, in this case Rip. You move down the list using the abilities you can. But as soon as a more important ability becomes available, you start from that one again.

Different classes have different priority systems. In each case they have different caveats to the priority system and when abilities are more important than others. This is just a basic overview of what a priority system is. An easy way to remember it is:

a) A priority system is different to a set casting rotation;

b) Each ability on the priority system is less important to use than the last.

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Druid cat DPS spell rotation {Cataclysm}

This guide is outdated! To get the latest on how to play a cat druid in Patch 4.2, including glyphs, rotation, gems and reforging, check our new 4.2 guide out!


How do I play a feral cat DPS in WoW? Well, good question. Players say in hushed tones that feral kitty is the hardest spec in the game. But don’t let that put you off – it can also be one of the most rewarding.

We’ll fill you in on the essential information for playing a cat in PvE so you can get on with the business of shredding things. And remember the most basic tip for playing a cat: always DPS from behind.

What is my spell rotation as a feral cat?

Two or less monsters/boss:

  • 100-25% health: Faerie Fire Feral > Feral Charge > Mangle > Shred > Tiger’s Fury + Rake > Berserk > Ravage > if 5 combo points, then rip. If less, shred to 5 then rip
  • Once you’ve done those you move to feral cat’s priority system. Focus on keeping Mangle > Shred > Rake* > Rip on cooldown.
  • 25-5% health: you are able to use ferocious bite to renew rip.
  • If the target has a few seconds left to live don’t bother with rake or renewing rip or savage roar. Do spam shred.

*Rake’s DoT should be on target, its importance comes after using Rake itself.

How To Feral DPS trash/multiple targets:

Get rake and rip up on as many as possible.

What do my feral cat abilities mean?

Feral cats stack ‘combo points’ on the monster, up to a maximum of five. Kitties also have various ‘finishing moves’ which use up the combo points you’ve stacked. Once you’ve used a finishing move you’ll need to start stacking combo points again.

  • Shred. Awards a combo point.
  • Savage roar. A finishing move that buffs the physical damage you do. The more combo points you have when you use it the longer the buff will last.
  • Rip. Finishing move that puts a DoT on your target.  Use it only if you have stacked 5 combo points up.
  • Rake. Puts a bleed DoT on your target and gives you a combo point. Make sure it’s always on the target.
  • Mangle. The important thing here? It puts a debuff on the target increasing damage taken from bleeds. Other classes in your group will love you for putting this debuff up. It also does damage and gives you a combo point.
  • Swipe (cat). cat AoE.
  • Feral Faerie Fire – Want to help your group do more damage as a cat? Use Feral Faerie Fire, particularly for boss fights
  • Tiger’s Fury – increases energy and damage done.

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