Spectral Gryphon and Spectral Wyvern / Wind Rider mounts, how to get them, and other WoW 4.3 Scroll of Resurrection tricks and tips

There is good news on the horizon – Blizzard have released another two mounts from the virtual WoW stables. But the bad news is that the Spectral Gryphon (for Alliance) and the Spectral Wyvern, aka the Spectral Wind Rider (for Horde) aren’t available for in-game achievements, or even in the Blizzard store. Instead, you can only get them by using the Scroll of Resurrection special offer to bring an ex-Warcraft player back into the game.

So, how does this work exactly? And can you get your hands on a Spectral Critter without having to find someone to drag back into WoW? Read on…

Updated 7th March 2012.

Gotchas in the Scroll of Resurrection offer

Spectral Gryphon aka Spectral Wind Rider from the Scroll of ResurrectionIn short, Blizzard want ex-Warcraft players to stop playing their darned Skyrims and SWTORs and come back to the old, familiar confines of Azeroth. And rather than getting in everyone’s face with a massive marketing campaign, they’re planning to get their players to do all the marketing for them – by dangling a shiny, shiny mount in front of them.

Given how enthusiastic the WoW community tends to be about mounts – and the fact that these mounts do indeed look pretty darn cool – it’ll probably work, too. And it’s not the only incentive the Scroll of Resurrection offers – in fact, there’s a lot of cool things in the latest incarnation of this old Blizzard favourite.

Actually using the Scroll is trivally easy – you can either do it directly from your Friends List, which will show accounts that are elegible to be Resurrected, or you can enter a name and email address from within “Referrals Rewards” in your Battle.net account.

However, the way this offer is designed and structured is anything but simple. There are all sorts of little gotchas hidden in the fine print, both good and bad:

  • Resurrecting someone gets you one mount for one character only. This isn’t an account-wide mount – if you have 8 characters you want the mount for, you’ll need to get 8 people back into WoW.
  • Using the Scroll of Resurrection doesn’t cost you any money, but you’ll only get the shiny mount when your friend actually plonks down more cash to play WoW.
  • You can only send out two Scroll of Resurrection invites per day, one from in-game and one from Battle.net. That’s PER DAY, though, so you could keep spamming until someone accepted!
  • Only accounts that became inactive before March 4th 2012 can have the Scroll used on them. No, you can’t start an account, leave it inactive, and resurrect it to get the shiny mount.
  • The Scroll of Resurrection comes with 7 days of free game time, so if you want to get someone back for a special event or similar, you can use it for that.
  • It also comes with a free upgrade to Cataclysm, one free faction and server change too.
  • The offer text notes that this offer’s only going to be available for a “limited time”. That might mean it’ll only be around for a month or so – but urgency messages are a pretty common part of marketing, so it could equally simply be attempting to hurry us up, whilst the offer will actually be around for months…

How to get the mounts if you don’t have a friend who wants to come back

Spectral Gryphon from the Scroll of ResurrectionGetting these mounts isn’t going to be terribly easy if you don’t have a friend who’s interested in coming back to WoW, but it’s doable.

The easiest way to get your mount will be if you have a second inactive account yourself. Blizzard don’t care if you Resurrect another one of you – they just want the resurrections.

However, thanks to the free server move and so on, this offer’s limited to accounts which expired before it was introduced. So, as mentioned above, you can’t start an account now, let it go inactive, then resurrect it in a month.

Personally, if I develop a desire for one of these mounts, and can’t find a friend who really wants to come back to Azeroth, I’ll get it the following way:


  1. Buy giftable WoW game time ($14.99 or EU12.99) from the Blizzard store. That’s about the same price as a regular purchasable mount.
  2. Ask one of my ex-WoW-playing friends to start up their account again.
  3. Scroll of Resurrection said friend, gift them the gametime, and have them apply it to their account.
  4. Fly around on a semi-visible gryphon.

(Does this work? Yes, it definitely does! See comments.)

Why the game time? The biggest reluctance most people will have about resubscribing to WoW will be entering their (recurring) payment details – it’s too easy to forget to cancel a recurring payment. Hence, a lot of people won’t resubsribe even if you offer to pay for a month.

However, if you buy giftable gametime, there’s no risk to them, and they’re much more likely to go through with it.

Other uses for the Scroll of Resurrection – filling up raid teams, special events, and more

This is by far the most generous offer Blizzard have ever made – they’re clearly trying very hard to get people back into WoW. That means a bunch of not-so-obvious ways you can use the Scroll:

  • There’s a free server and faction transfer included, meaning that any ex-WoW player can come and join your raid. If you’re down a member or several in your raiding guild, it’s actually arguably easier to recruit an ex-player, if you know one, than someone who’s currently playing, and will have to pay for the transfer.
  • If you haven’t played WoW for a couple of years, or know someone who hasn’t and wants to, the automatic upgrade to Cataclysm makes this a cheaper way to get back in than just resubscribing.
  • The seven days of free play time mean that if you want to organise a reunion of ex-guild members, or any kind of special in-game event (even an in-game wedding), it’s possible to get ex-players back into the game for free. You can only do it once, though!
  • Not only that, but with the Resurrection you also get an auto-level up to level 80, and a set of Cataclysm-appropriate gear. Want to organise a raid on the Lich King with your ex-WoW-playing buddies? Or a nostalgia week of playing through old raids? It’s doable!

The “auto-level to 80” feature is particularly interesting. Blizzard have resisted offering deals which automatically level a character for a very long while. Could this be the precursor to an official “level to max for $x” feature? We shall see…

  • The Godmother over at ALT:ernative has just gotten herself resurrected – head over there to get more details on exactly what items the jump to 80 gives you (like a fast flying mount!).

Got any other Scroll of Resurrection tips? Share ‘em below!

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