Tell us how your spec is doing in 4.01!

So it’s been a week and a bit now since 4.01 dropped on us like a whale from a cargo plane.

And by now we’ve picked up most of the blubber and started landscaping the crater, by which I mean that we’ve got our addons working again and are starting to get a handle on our new class mechanics.

Every hunter in the world: Speak for yourself, mate!

Shut up, you lot. Rogues and kitty druids have been dealing with energy mechanics for years now and do you see them whining? Well, yes, all the time, obviously. But anyway…

We’ve seen a lot of individual posts on how specific classes are faring – but what we’ve not yet seen is an overall roundup of who’s up, who’s down, and whose spreadsheet just became so complicated that all of the Elitist Jerks posters spontaneously combusted.

So we’re going to assemble one, and we need your help!

Let us know in the comments how your characters – levelling and 80 – are playing post-4.01. Let us know if you pwn! Let us know if you nwp. (That’s the reverse of pwning). Let us know how you’re finding the new mechanics against the old content!

Your humble Melting Pot staff will start the ball rolling below.

Tell us – how’s your spec doing post 4.01?

[ Hugh’s written a small book below, but you don’t have to! Let us know how your class is faring in as many or as few words as you like. I’ll be posting later- Rebecca]

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