Killed By Facebook, Building Space and Unwritten Laws

From Facebook vs MMORPGs to Murphy’s Laws of MMOs, here’s the rest of the day’s fun links – plus, Cynwise announces a temporary retirement…

  • Yes, Cynwise, winner of the 2011 Piggies award for best blog post, is taking a break from blogging – but leaves us with a comprehensive index of all his best work“Since this weblog is pretty big – I write a lot, okay – I thought putting a map for new visitors up at the very top of the front page was the best way for me to leave the store unattended for a while.”
  • Spinks has been assembling a list of the unwritten rules of MMORPG play“Whining actually does help. The more you whine about not getting that rare drop you want or never being able to get a group to some location, the more likely it is that the thing you want will actually happen immediately afterwards, thus making you look like a miserable whiner with no grip on reality.”
  • Tobold ponders the question of whether MMORPGs are being killed by social networking“MMORPGs don’t make for a very stable social network. There are workarounds, for example I am in a multi-game guild, but even those rely on most people playing whatever game is in vogue at the moment. “
  • And Ardwulf writes an interesting piece pondering how to generate planets in a space-based MMO that are realistically large, but also interesting“I’m a big believer in procedural generation and think it ought to be used more widely than it is in MMOs. At the same time, though, it can give you a lot of empty places that look the same.”

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