WoW This Weekend: Social Hate, Execute Problems, Food Games and Fun Fail

WoW’s a little more active this weekend – although one post at least isn’t too happy. But that’s OK – we’ve also got some really interesting discussion of DPS class design, and a fun minigame for all the WoW-playing family…

  • Tobold just isn’t having fun in WoW – he’s quitting again. In fact, he’s quitting all MMORPGs, and explains why in an interesting, analytical post“And it isn’t much different if I changed from WoW to Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Secret World, or most other major MMORPGs. Combat works the same in most of these games, and when developers think about innovation in MMORPG combat, they want to make it more twitchy and action-based, and even less tactical and decision-based.”
  • Gordon at We Fly Spitfires looks at the kerfuffle over Cross-Realm Zones, and asks if MMORPG players, or at least a lot of them, actually don’t want to be social“Isn’t there something wrong if we’re starting to treat other players as obstacles in our path to progression rather than as opportunities for friendship and camaraderie? “
  • Rades shares a charming little quirk and entertaining mini-minigame to play in raids, all at once“I have to admit, I like taking a few seconds to play this little minigame with myself, to see if I can work out the exact combination of mailed potions to grab, and to see if I planned properly and mailed myself a versatile variety of stacks, to end up with a perfect 20 or 40 sum. “
  • And Matthew Rossi talks about the Trouble With Execute in a fascinating look at DPS design that’s of interest to far more than just warrior players“Again, before players of other classes come along and say “What problem? Execute hits like a truck” that is, in fact, the problem. Execute hits like a truck, all right. In fact, Execute hits like a truck full of angry bees that have just seen you crossing the street in your Winnie the Pooh costume.”

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Pandaren In Chairs, Playing In Sandboxes, and More

And finally, from Chen Stormstout to stock market parody, here’s some more great links to round out Wednesday:

  • Bravetank puts another WoW character in the psychiatrist’s chair, this time Chen Stormstout, with typically hilarious results“Oh me old mucker Rexxar. You must have heard of him. Big chap. Big teeth. Like this … (bares teeth). Always got a bear with him. He loves the animals. Actually that bit made me feel a bit awkward when we hung out. Occasionally he’d put a leash on me. He told me it was a friendship leash but it hurt when he tugged. And I didn’t like it when he made me dance for food – unless it was a jig – I do love to jig. “
  • Jeromai, who is on a bit of a roll right now, writes an excellent piece looking at name recognition in the context of the Guild Wars “social” debate“Some others may simply be names that get more and more familiar the more time you spend on the server. I’ll give a named example, since some people are pouting that we bloggers talk along in generalities, but never in specifics.”
  • Rowan Blaze draws an analogy between Guild Wars 2’s social setup and that of a children’s playground“many get into a rousing make-believe scenario: Pirates on the High Seas, maybe, or Cowboys and Indians. They’re all shouting and having fun with each other. Even if some of the children are not directly playing with others, as long as there is no bullying, everyone can have a good time.”
  • And Rades is getting with the satire again, as he reports on claims that recent Auction House sales in Orgrimmar have been disappointing“When asked if Horde citizens were not broke, but instead simply spending their money on Pandaria rather than at home, Bagger scoffed. “Don’t be ridiculous, kid,” said Bagger, rolling his eyes. “Those purchases aren’t even worth mentioning. Who’s spending money in some foreign dump – a dozen chumps? “

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