Firelands Boss Guides – Shannox Heroic tactics

When your raid is ready to move from normal Firelands to the heroic mode, Shannox is probably the first fight you’ll attempt. While Shannox’s Heroic mode adds some new challenges, it actually simplifies some of the strategy from the normal version as well (see our main Shannox tactics guide). If you’re ready to engage Shannox, heroic tactics can be found below, in our quick guide.

Before attempting Heroic Shannox, you should clear the trash around the area you’ll be pulling him. This is even more important than in the normal version of the fight, as the heroic mode will probably require your raid to move around a lot more.

The immortal dogs

When fighting Shannox on heroic mode, neither Riplimb nor Rageface can be permanently killed. If reduced to zero health, they will simply become inactive for 30 seconds before getting back up with a full health bar and mashing some more faces. Thankfully, they will no longer enrage when Shannox is low on health.

Both dogs now gain a stacking buff each time they successfully attack, which increases their damage. This means that the damage from Riplimb and Rageface is a significantly more worrying concern for you in heroic mode than it is in normal. Face Rage (Rageface’s ‘go pick on a random player’ attack) does not apply this buff.

More pain, an approximately equal amount of gain

Eventhing hurts more in heroic mode. Not only do Fido and Rover gain their stacking buff, but all three mobs have their generic damage output increased as well.

Immolation Traps, which in normal mode are just a bit of a nuisance, now do a lot more damage too.


There is no Phase 2

The second phase of this fight, when both dogs are dead and you’re burning down Shannox as fast as you’re able, never really occurs in heroic mode. Since Riplimb never dies, Shannox won’t start casting Magma Rupture (the AoE damage spell where he thrusts his spear into the ground). The fight is now a single, long phase, during which trapping the dogs in _Crystal Prison Trap_s becomes essential.

Trapping Riplimb or Rageface will prevent them from attacking, hopefully for long enough that their damage buff falls off. It’s crucial that the buff is allowed to expire every so often, otherwise the dogs’ damage quickly becomes unmanagable.

Dog Borstal

A small but irritating change to the fight on heroic mode will make trapping Riplimb more difficult: he’s now immune to traps while he’s holding Shannox’s spear. That means that Riplimb can only be trapped when he’s running toward to fetch the spear (immediately after Shannox has thrown it), not once he’s picked the spear up. Trapping Riplimb is still the job of the off-tank, just as it was in normal mode.

Trapping Rageface – which was an optional technique in normal mode – is obligatory in heroic mode. The best person to organize the trapping is a ranged DPS player with high single-target damage. Have this player ignore Shannox and Riplimb and simply DPS Rageface constantly, thoughout the whole of the fight. When Rageface attacks a random player, he can’t be distracted except by a 30k critical hit (just like the normal mode). Hopefully, your high DPS player will be able to score such a hit soon after Rageface attacks, so Face Rage will not last long. Have another DPS player on standby, in case the main Rageface DPSer is unlucky enough to be the target of Face Rage.

Try to make sure neither dog (but particularly Rageface) trips the Immolation Traps. Hitting the trap will give the Wary buff which makes them immune to traps for 25 seconds – including, of course, the Crystal Prison Trap you’ve been carefully kiting them towards.

A gentle start to heroic Firelands

Shannox is a great choice for your first heroic Firelands fight. There are a few additional ‘gotchas’ during the fight, but the changes to the fight mechanics between normal and heroic mode actually make many things about this fight easier. Clever, regular use of Crystal Prison Traps is key here – keep the dogs under control and victory (as well as improved loot) will soon be yours.

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