Scott Hartsman Leaves Trion – Blogger Reactions

Yes, the visionary and much-loved Executive Producer of RIFT, Scott Hartsman, has left the title and its parent company Trion. His departure has left a lot of commentators asking if Free-To-Play or other major changes are on the horizon.

It’s early days yet, but here are some of the initial reactions from the blogosphere:

  • Chris at Game By Night is dismayed, but reminds us that the rest of the RIFT team are still there” The few that I’ve met and interviewed have always been masters of their craft and I have a lot of faith in them to do great things.”
  • And Green Armadillo believes that Hartsman’s departure removes the major obstacle to RIFT going F2P” If things have started to go downhill – and the layoffs suggest that they have – then we can expect Rift to lose its subscription in 2013.”
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