Pandaren In Chairs, Playing In Sandboxes, and More

And finally, from Chen Stormstout to stock market parody, here’s some more great links to round out Wednesday:

  • Bravetank puts another WoW character in the psychiatrist’s chair, this time Chen Stormstout, with typically hilarious results“Oh me old mucker Rexxar. You must have heard of him. Big chap. Big teeth. Like this … (bares teeth). Always got a bear with him. He loves the animals. Actually that bit made me feel a bit awkward when we hung out. Occasionally he’d put a leash on me. He told me it was a friendship leash but it hurt when he tugged. And I didn’t like it when he made me dance for food – unless it was a jig – I do love to jig. “
  • Jeromai, who is on a bit of a roll right now, writes an excellent piece looking at name recognition in the context of the Guild Wars “social” debate“Some others may simply be names that get more and more familiar the more time you spend on the server. I’ll give a named example, since some people are pouting that we bloggers talk along in generalities, but never in specifics.”
  • Rowan Blaze draws an analogy between Guild Wars 2’s social setup and that of a children’s playground“many get into a rousing make-believe scenario: Pirates on the High Seas, maybe, or Cowboys and Indians. They’re all shouting and having fun with each other. Even if some of the children are not directly playing with others, as long as there is no bullying, everyone can have a good time.”
  • And Rades is getting with the satire again, as he reports on claims that recent Auction House sales in Orgrimmar have been disappointing“When asked if Horde citizens were not broke, but instead simply spending their money on Pandaria rather than at home, Bagger scoffed. “Don’t be ridiculous, kid,” said Bagger, rolling his eyes. “Those purchases aren’t even worth mentioning. Who’s spending money in some foreign dump – a dozen chumps? “

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CSI: Azeroth

Damn you, Killed In A Smiling Accident. I really need to stop drinking beverages whilst checking out their mega-posts, as Melmoth has once again caused me to expel coffee through my nose with laughter” –

““Blood spatter results back from the lab yet?”

“It’s weird, although there are clear indications that the victim was attacked with some sort of bladed weapon we couldn’t find any blood. Anywhere.”

“Damn it! Not much to go on. What about the neighbours?”

“Neighbours aren’t talking, guv. At least, not until we’ve given them three hundred and forty seven wolf paws, or one hundred and seventy four slightly better warg paws.”

“Johnson, get to work on that; we’ve got a reputation to maintain.”

“Right you are, boss.”

“Okay they weren’t much for dressing, but did you find anything on the body?”

“Yes guv, a couple of bits and pieces: one hundred and twelve glass bottles containing sundry potions, four broadswords, an axe, a dagger, a tower shield, a crossbow and six hundred bolts, eleven hundred feet of rope, fourteen boar spleens, twenty six goblin toes, a dress, three chainmail shirts, ten recipes, a pet badger in a cage, two horses, seventeen different barbequed foodstuffs, a quarter tonne of iron ore, a garden statue, a bearskin rug, a lute and a map.”

“Nothing out of the ordinary there.”

KIASA are reaching Penny Arcade or Zero Punctuation levels of brilliance with some of their satire these days, skewering the various wierdnesses and idiosycrasies of the MMO genre with laser-like aim. If you read nothing else today, make time to read this post.

But make damn sure you aren’t drinking coffee whilst you do it.

Quote taken directly and in great profusion from Melmoth’s post” .

Find KIASA’s homepage at ““ .

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