Firelands Boss Guides: Lord Rhyolith melee DPS tips

Melee DPS players have had a hard time of things in Cataclysm. There’ve been very few fights which were balanced in our favor, and most were downright unforgiving. That’s not the case with Lord Rhyolith. Melee DPS have the hardest job in this fight, but we also have by far the most fun.

If you want an overview of the fight, you can also check out our overall guide to Lord Rhyolith tactics.

It’s all down to you

For most of the fight, Rhyolith won’t do any direct damage to the raid. Instead, he’ll wander casually in the direction of the molten lava at the edge of the fight area. Your job is to stop him from ever getting there. Why? Because if he manages to reach the lava, he’ll take a big refreshing drink of it, then spew it back out as liquid fiery death all over your lovely clean raid. Lord Rhyolith reaching the lava is an almost guaranteed raid wipe.

To stop him reaching the lava, you need to turn him and point him in another direction. You’ll need to constantly adjust his trajectory throughout the fight. It’s not as simple as asking him nicely, though. You can’t even taunt him, or trap him, or slow him. No. What you’re going to have to do is hit his feet to turn him like a badly-behaved kodo. That’s right: you get to steer by spanking. Navigate by nastiness. Guide by goading. Drive by DPS.

Lord Rhyolith actually has three separate unit frames: one for his body, and one for each of his feet. Damage done to his body or feet will be automatically spread evenly among all three of his bodyparts, so you don’t have to worry about DPSing the three bodyparts at the same rate, Mimiron-style. What you will have to worry about is whether you’re applying more pressure to his left or his right side.


  • Hitting Rhyolith’s body has no effect other than damage. He’ll keep moving in his current direction.
  • Hitting Rhyolith’s left foot will cause him to turn gradually to the left.
  • Hitting Rhyolith’s right foot will cause him to turn gradually to the right.

There’ll be a new element added to your user interface for this fight: a Direction Guage, indicating Rhyolith’s current heading. The meter can be a bit confusing to read, but it’s actually quite simple. It’s a horizonaltal bar, like an energy bar or a mana bar. If the value of the bar is towards the left (i.e., an energy bar on low energy), Rhyolith is currently steering left. If the value of the bar is towards the right (i.e., an energy bar close to full energy), he’s steering right. The closer to the left or right, the more acute Rhyolith’s current ‘turning’ is. That means that when the bar is 50% full, Rhyolith is neither steering left nor right, and will therefore continue in a straight line.

As melee DPS, your most important job in this fight is to steer Rhyolith so that he never reaches the lava at the edge of the platform. Your raider leader will have assigned somebody to coordinate the direction in which to steer, so you should pay attention to the direction currently being requested (either in /raid chat or via voice comms). If you’re the one doing the ‘driving’, check out uur main guide to Lord Rhyolith tactics to see where you should be steering him.

Insert meme reference here

Good news, everyone! There’s fire on the ground in this fight! Don’t stand in it.

Rhyolith will cast Concussive Stomp every 30 seconds. This ability has three effects:

  • It has a knockback effect on anybody who’s close to him (which, almost certainly, includes you).
  • It deals fire damage to all raid members. This damage is unavoidable.
  • It creates volcanoes on the ground.

Each Concussive Stomp will create either 2 or 3 volcanoes. Volcanoes occasionally erupt, spreading fire damage among the raid for 20 seconds. Your aim is to steer Rhyolith in such a way that he steps onto the volcanoes. When that happens, they become craters.


As soon as a crater is created it will spew out Lava streams. Lava streams start at the point of the crater and move slowly outwards in all directions. If you stand in a stream it’ll deal you some fire damage, so … don’t.

After 10 seconds, the lava streams explode, dealing yet more fire damage to anybody who’s stood on them. Once that’s happened, the crater will disappear and be replaced by a lava pool – which, in a shocking twist, is a thing on the floor made of fire that you shouldn’t stand in.

More things made of fire

Lord Rhyolith will regularly summon adds during this fight. They’re not your problem – the tank and the ranged DPS should be dealing with them – but they may occasionally get in your way.

The smaller adds are called Fragments of Rhyolith. They won’t prove much of a worry, unless they take longer than 30 seconds to die. That’s because, 30 seconds after they spawn, they’ll pick a random player to charge at in a clever Suicidal Kamikaze Explosion strategy. The random player might be you. There’s not a lot you can do about it if it does happen, but if a little fiery mob suddenly charges right at you and explodes, taking a big bite out of your health bar, at least now you’ll know why.

The larger adds are called Sparks of Rhyolith. They don’t have such dramatically suicidal tendencies as their smaller cousins, but they do emit AoE damage to everyone around them. The tank will be tanking each Spark away from the raid, probably somewhere at the edge of the platform, so be careful not to guide Rhyolith in that direction.

Getting to Phase 2

Each time Rhyolith stands on a volcano, he’ll lose a bit of his armor. The armor is not just cosmetic – it actually does give him a buff which lowers the amount of damage he takes. At the start of the fight, in full armor, he has an 80% damage reduction – so don’t panic when your uber DPS doesn’t seem to be making a dent!

Once Lord Rhyolith’s health (that’s his hit points, not his armor) reaches 25%, he’ll initiate a short bit of scripted animation, and then move to Phase 2. Just like Shannox and Beth’tilac, the final phase of this fight is DPS race. Your aim is to kill Rhyolith before his slowly-increasing damage kills you.

Although no more adds will be summoned during Phase 2, Rhyolith will still be throwing down Concussive Stomp, which causes knockback. Watch out for this cast – there’s little more frustrating than starting a once-per-fight channeled spell only to have it immediately interupted.

As you might expect, this is the phase to use all your cooldowns, trinkets and potions. There’ll be a lot of raidwide damage heading your way, but hopefully you’ll give as good as you get, and then some.

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Firelands Boss Guides: Beth’tilac melee DPS tips

Wanna hit some spiders? ‘Course you do. One of the first bosses you’ll encounter in the new Firelands raid is Beth’tilac. Melee DPS have a reasoanbly easy time on this fight, but there are still a few mechanics that could trip you up. Here’s our quick and easy guide to Beth’tilac as melee DPS:

Your raid will be split into two groups: one to stay on the ground level and one to climb up to Beth’tilac’s web level. Read our full guide to Beth’tilac tactics to get a detailed breakdown of each group. As a melee DPS, you’ll probably be assigned to the Web Level Group (if you’re not, use the tactics for the Ground Level Group from our guide to tackling Beth’tilac as ranged DPS).

Getting to the web level

At the start of the fight, Beth’tilac will run away to hide on the web level, and additional spiders called Cinderweb Spinners will start to spawn. Initially they’ll appear suspended from the base of Beth’tilac’s web, out of melee range, but your tanks will be taunting these mobs to bring them down to the ground level. If you have a taunt ability (Dark Command, Taunt, Hand of Reckoning, etc) feel free to help out. It’s important to start killing spinners as soon as possible.

A dead Spinner will leave behind a spider’s thread (which takes the form of a thin red line leading from the corpse to the web level). These threads are vehicles, and you can use them to move from the ground level to the web level. Each thread is only good for a single use.


Your tank and healer should claim the first two threads to appear, but you should grab a thread as soon as you can after that. Do not be overeager here, and make sure that the tank and the healer have made it up before you make the move.

Once you’re on the web level, your job is to DPS Beth’tilac. Watch out for Meteor Burn, during which Beth’tilac drops flaming meteors onto random spots on the web. Each meteor is preceeded by an indicator in the form of a fiery orange circle on the ground, which you should be sure to dodge. Once a meteor has hit, it will leave a small pool of fire behind. You know the rule about fire and the stepping therein: don’t.

Running away

Beth’tilac has an energy bar, called Fire energy, which will slowly deplete over the course of the fight. When it reaches zero, she’ll begin to cast Smoldering Devastation. You need to be on the lookout for that castbar. As soon as you see Beth’tilac begin to cast, run like the wind. You need to head for the hole in the web. It’s bang in the center. Drop down through there to the ground level.

Once you’ve reached ground level, you should temporarilly join the Ground Level Team and help to DPS the various spider adds that will have appeared. Once Smoldering Devastation has finished, Smolderweb Spinners will start to appear in just the same way as they did at the start of the fight. Once again, you should grab them, spank them, and steal their threads. Get yourself back up to the web level as soon as you can (but, as always, let your tank and healer go first).

In total, Beth’tilac will cast Smoldering Devastation three times. You need to jump down the hole in the web every time. After the third Smoldering Devastation, Beth’tilac will move from the web level to the ground level. Follow her down and get ready to pound some spider backside.

Phase 2

Beth’tilac’s descent from the web level to the ground level indicates the start of Phase 2. This is a pure DPS burn phase, just like the last phase of Shannox. Make sure you’re positioned correctly first of all: you should stack up directly behind the boss, with the healers and the rest of the raid. Once you’re there it’s time to break out the big guns: pop every cooldown you have, drink a potion, scream a battlecry, and hope that this time you beat that damn Rogue on the meters.

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Firelands Boss Guides: Shannox – Melee DPS tactics

The first Firelands boss most raids will tackle is Shannox. Melee DPS, frankly, have it easy for this fight, so there’s no excuse not to be on top form. Take a look at our general guide to Shannox tactics, then come back here for specific melee DPS tactics.

Initial positioning

As melee DPS you’ll be focusing all your attention on Shannox himself. Ignore the two dogs unless your raid leader specifically tells you otherwise. Your job in this fight is to avoid Shannox’s Cleave attack, avoid the traps he regularly drops, and hit him with your big weapon of choice – in that order.

Yes, Shannox does have a nasty cleave attack which will hit any target in a 120° arc, so your first priority should be to make sure you’re standing behind him. Your tank shouldn’t need to turn Shannox once the fight starts, so get yourself entrenched right behind his fiery rear end and prepare to do some damage.

Avoid the traps

Your primary task during this fight is to avoid the traps that Shannox regularly drops. This takes priority over everything, even DPS. The traps in this fight look like standard Hunter traps, and are easy to spot.

There are two types of trap. The first is an Immolation Trap, which will burn your lovely shoes right off if you stand in it. It’s not an instant kill, but it throws out some nasty damage, and you’ll have a ‘fire hurts more’ debuff at various points during the fight, so be nice to your healers and don’t stand on the fire traps.

The second type of trap is called a Crystal Prison Trap, and is basically an iceblock. Stand on this nasty little device and it’ll encase you in crystal. You won’t be able to do anything at all until the crystal is shattered. That means that the rest of the raid will have to stop what they’re doing and DPS your prison to free you. The crystals have lots of health, so this is a distraction you don’t need.

There’s another fight mechanic which effectively counts as a third type of trap. When Shannox throws his spear he’ll do colossal damage to anybody standing in the way. If you’re standing in the circle of fire once the spear comes down you’re virtually guaranteed to die. It’s easy to avoid – just look out for the big pillar of fire and make sure you step away from it as soon as it appears.


The secondary effect of Shannox’s spear throw is lots of little fires that appear on the ground after the spear throw triggers. There’ll be a lot of them, which can be quite panic-inducing the first time you see it, but – like the spear throw itself – they’re easy to avoid. They appear in a spiral pattern, moving outwards from the spear’s point of impact. Just make sure you’re not standing directly on one of them.

Remember – none of these do any AoE damage, so they’ll only ever affect one person. It’s also worth noting that the _Immolation Trap_s and the _Crystal Prison Trap_s can be disarmed by Rogues. Rageface and Riplimb can be affected by the traps, so you normally want to keep them all in place, but occasionally it might be worth disarming a trap which is in an awkward place, or which is in danger of hitting a tank.

The moment you’ve been waiting for

Your aim in this fight is to kill both the dogs when Shannox is at about 35% health. When that happens, he’ll enrage and start to give your tanks a very bad day. That’s your time to shine. Turn the DPS dial up to 11 and pop every cooldown in your arsenal. Burn, burn, burn – you need to kill Shannox before he kills your tanks (and shortly thereafter, you).

This fight is all about awareness. Watch out for the traps and you should be fine.

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Patch 4.3 Mutilate / Assassination Rogue Quick-Start Guide: Stats, Build, Rotation, Changes, Reforging And Glyphs

It’s Patch 4.3, and everyone in melee just got a buff – including Assassination Rogues. Hurrah! But how to best make use of our newfound powers? Well, here’s our quick guide to the best way to stat, spec your talent build, reforge, gem, glyph, and perform your rotation to top the meters and hopefully not stand in too much fire in the process.

Updated Nov 29th, 2011, for Patch 4.3

Assassination Rogue Changes in Patch 4.3

This patch isn’t too exciting for rogues as far as mechanics changes go. We get a 10% buff along with every other melee class, a slight (PvP-focussed) change to Wound Poison, and… that’s it.

However, there’s one massive thing all rogues need to be aware of in Patch 4.3, and that’s the Rogue Legendary quest line . Not only does it lead to the best damn daggers ever at the end, but you can just do the first few quests – requiring you to get to the fourth boss in Dragon Soul on Normal – in order to get your hands on the best daggers outside Heroic mode. Seriously, this is VERY worth doing.

The Tier 13 Set bonuses are worth a mention. If you have 2 pieces of T13, make sure to use Tricks of the Trade on cooldown.

Assassination/mutilation rogue rotation

Assassination Rogue rotation, priorities, stats, and spec

Make sure you’ve got poisons on! Instant Poison on your Main Hand weapon, and Deadly Poison on your offhand and thrown weapons.

Always open the fight from stealth. Open with Garotte if you can do so QUICKLY – but if it’ll take even 2 seconds to get into position, use Mutilate instead. Immediately use those combo points on Slice and Dice.

From here:

  • If you don’t have any combo points: Use Mutilate unless the boss is below 35%, in which case use Backstab.
  • If you have 1, 2 or 3 combo points: In priority order: if Slice and Dice is about to run out, use Envenom to refresh it. If Rupture is about to run out, use Rupture. Otherwise, use Mutilate or Backstab as above.
  • If you have 4 or 5 combo points: In priority order: if Slice and Dice is about to run out, use Envenom. If Rupture is about to run out, use Rupture. Otherwise, use Envenom.
  • NEVER Mutilate when you have 4 or more combo points or allow your Energy to hit 100 (always use an ability before then).

For more advanced tips, see our more in-depth Assassination Rogue rotation guide

Cooldowns: You have 3 Cooldowns – Cold Blood, Vendetta and Vanish (yes, it’s a DPS cooldown). Use Cold Blood whenever it’s up, with a 5 point Envenom. Use Vanish whenever it’s up and you’ll get a solid 15 sec of DPS. Use Vendetta whenever it’s up and you’ll get at least 30 sec of uninterrupted DPS. Vendetta and Vanish work very well with Bloodlust, so try to coordinate that where possible.

Your multi-target AOE rotation is pretty simple: Fan Of Knives. Repeat. If there are 3 or more enemies and no pressing reason to only DPS one, use this rotation instead. Make sure you’re ALSO attacking something in melee at the same time, and still open from stealth.


Assassination talent spec


Gem: Agility is your most important stat. Always gem for Agility unless it isn’t available or there is a Agility socket bonus of more than 10. In the second case, use [Adept Ember Topaz] in yellow sockets and [Glinting Demonseye] in blue sockets.

Reforging: Reforge for Hit until you pass the Spell Hit Cap (1332 Hit Rating). After that, reforge for Mastery. Once you’re past Spell Hit Cap, reforge excess Hit first. If you’re not there yet, reforge Crit first, then Expertise, then Haste, then Mastery.

Note: The above notes for Hit Rating assume you have 23 Precision in your talent tree, as the advised tree above does.

Assassination Rogue Enchants

Remember, your profession may provide a better enhancement option- check the stat priorities above!

Head Arcanum of the Ramkahen
Shoulders   Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal
Back Enchant Cloak – Major Agility
Chest Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats
Wrist Enchant Bracer – Agility
Hands Enchant Gloves – Greater Mastery or Enchant Gloves – Expertise if you are under expertise cap.
Belt Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
Legs Dragonscale Leg Armor
Feet Enchant Boots – Major Agility
Weapon Enchant Weapon – Landslide on both


Primes: Glyph of MutilateGlyph of BackstabGlyph of Rupture

Major: Glyph of Tricks of the TradeGlyph of FeintGlyph of Sprint.

Minor: Glyph of Safe Fall and whatever else catches your fancy.

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Patch 4.2 changes for… Rogues, (Prot and Retri) Paladins, (Feral and Balance)Druids, Warlocks, Death Knights and Mages

With World of Warcraft’s Patch 4.2 looming over us like a tsunami made of pure raid nerf (yes, I’m still a little bitter), it’s time for a great big massive, whopping round-up post. So if you want to know what’s going to happen to your Rogue, Warlock, DK, Mage, Paladin, or Druid, read on!

(AS you can see, we haven’t completed the full set yet. If you know of any guides to class changes, particularly for classes we’ve missed, that we haven’t featured, please do comment below!)

Here goes.

  • Rogues are getting a bunch of buffsbut how significant are they? Top Rosters answers.
  • It’s all change for Druids, with everything including a flaming cat. No, literally, it’s on fire. WoW Insider’s Chase Hasbrouck explains the Feral Druid changes, whilst Grey Matter’s all over the Boomkin alterations.
  • Warlocks aren’t getting as many changes as other classes, apparently, but what they are getting, Skim ‘Locks has coverage of.
  • DKs are seeing some fairly major changes that I know Johnnie’s bouncing up and down about – Daniel Whitcomb at WoW Insider has the analysis, which looks pretty complex.
  • Retridins are seeing some pretty significant buffs, particularly to AOE – about time – and Retpallie’s got the goods there. Meanwhile, tankadins are getting messed around all over the place – Mark Walsh at WoW Insider has a fairly detailed summary.
  • Finally, Mages are also getting a quick going-over, and also a chance to get into a big fight with the rest of their guildies over the caster legendary – Christian Belt’s Arcane Brilliance (at WoW Insider, again) has the goods.So there you go! Again, if you know of a guide to the 4.2 changes for Holydins, resto druids, Priests, Shammies, Warriors or Hunters, let me know below!
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WoW Product Review: The Ultimate Rogue Raiding Guide

So who here hasn’t dreamed of sneaking from shadow to shadow, pick-pocketing anything that looks like it might have a coinpurse in its pocket/suckers/loincloth (delete as applicable and don’t think too hard about it). Maybe you’ve got an urge to burst out of the darkness and backstab your enemies in the name of saving the world. Or maybe you just like slipping from monster to monster, giggling as you concuss them with a quick blow to the back of the head.

There’s a little rougery hidden in all of us. Maybe you’ve got a rogue character already in WoW, maybe you’ve got several. Maybe you’re thinking of rolling a rogue to let the scallawag in you out.

If you’re a rogue and relatively new to the business of being level 85, Garona’s got your back covered. As the host over at the top rogue resource and community (a strikingly friendly bunch given their penchant for skullduggery) PvE Rogues, Garona is top of her game on how to be a rogue.

And she looking to help you be just that in her new E-book package: The Ultimate Rogue Raiding Guide. But is it worth the money?

Garona prodded us and asked if we wanted to take a look at it. She said it’s aimed at new, less experienced rogues who want to raid but don’t know how to get there. It sounded interesting, given here at the Pot we have one experienced rogue and two people who’ve never really let their rogue instincts out. We fell on the opportunity like wolves on a frolicking lamb.

Then we found we couldn’t rip it to shreds.

You see, Garona’s guide is extremely good for a newly minted 85 rogue. Which is handy, given that’s explicitly her target audience.

Enough rambling. Why is it so good? First up, her introduction page. The guide’s very first page sets the tone and answers the questions you might have about the guide. Who’s it for? What do I do if I don’t understand it? Will I get laughed at? What does the guide do? All answered from the off – good start.

Garona’s covered everything you need to know if you want to start raiding. She starts out with a look at each of the rogue talent trees and what each one’s good at. She doesn’t tell you to pick one spec, she tells you to find out which one you’re comfortable with. She goes on to cover gear, stats, gems, enchants – every practical detail you’ll need to get raid-ready – and she does all of that for all three of the rogue trees without favouring one or the other. So no matter what spec you decide on the information you need is in the guide.

The thing I was most impressed with though? How clearly everything is written. She leaves very little room for confusion, and anytime I thought I had a question about something it was usually answered later. Case in point – Garona’s written the rogue rotations chapter so well that as a non-rogue I now know exactly what rogues should be doing. And the places where things could get really muddly, like explaining Equivalency Points (EP = a way of working out which stats are better for you at any given time), are written both clearly and elegantly.

Throughout the guide there are tips on good rogue practices as well as a whole invaluable section on good play. It includes things I can only assume have been lost in the rogue generations, the amount of time I don’t see them happen. /mumbles about kids these days and porches

Okay, okay,< you’re thinking, I’m crowing her praises and it’s all just over-the-top. Reality check time. There are some things wrong with the guide. Like… um… ah yes! What does ‘paper doll’ mean? I’m guessing it’s the character sheet but paper doll’s not standard terminology to me. And the chapter on reforging had the only question for me which went unanswered, about reforging white hit into poison hit (isn’t hit all the same stat?) But that doesn’t bother me too much as it’s exactly the sort of thing I could go ask on the forums over at PvE Rogues, which Garona invites us to do if we have any problems with the book.

I was left a bit at sea with Garona’s recommended way of choosing my rogue spec, which basically boils down to whatever feels right for the rogue in you rather than practical “guilds will want this so DO THIS OR ELSE”. But after a couple of seconds thinking I realised that those two types of advice don’t mesh and when you’re addressing new rogues enthusiastic to get stuck into the class, encouraging them to experiment and get comfortable with it for themselves is the best advice to give.

So there we have it. The thing to bear in mind is this guide is not aimed at you experienced rogues out there. You’re going to know most of the information in it, though you might find bits of it handy like the rogue stats/caps Cheat Sheet that’s included. The package also includes the rogue CSC3 calculator* and a clearly written guide on how to use it, which could well be handy if you don’t already have and know how to use it. Finally, buying the guide also gets you access to the e-book only section of the PvE Rogues forums.

Our experienced rogue didn’t think anything was missing, and in fact got a couple of tips himself. The only thing he thought could be better would be adding alternative choices to the pre-Heroic gear list.

Perhaps the biggest downside is that most of the guide is information you can find for free elsewhere, like on Elitist Jerks. But what Garona’s achieved with the main guide is breaking down information you’d find on Elitist Jerks in abbrieviated goobledigook and telling you it extremely clearly. She doesn’t overuse words (unlike me) but she does give you clear instructions with fully written rogue-terminology, and throws diagrams in where it’s helpful.

It’s also very easy to digest the information compiled into one well structured book (reading the contents page strangely reassured me I wasn’t going to be overwhelmed with info). She’s removed the need for you to hunt down bits of information from loads of sites, get scraps of info from 76-page long forum threads, and cross reference everything’s validity.

I’m going to stop gushing – from a professional point of view I wish there was more I could criticise. I feel like the Nice Fairy put mushrooms in my tea this morning. But there’s no way round it: Garona set out to provide a compendium to help new 85 rogues get ready for raiding, and that’s exactly what this is. The main guide on its own is a lifeline for a new rogue, but the additional cheat sheet and CSC3 guide and calculator packaged along with it make it all you could need.

The only questions left in my mind are – is she going to keep it updated as we get patches (I’m guessing so, but she doesn’t say so in the guide) and are you going to tell the rogue in your life that this is out there?


  • If you want to see for yourself, the guide is currently $1.99. Buy Now (this is a secure affiliate link).
  • Or you can buy it for the same price here (this is not an affiliate link but is also secure).
  • There is, I think, no refund policy – although it’s a steal at this price. The price will go up (but not much and it’ll still be worth the money) soon, so hurry. There’s a chance of an exclusive mousemat for you if you buy it now…

    *The CSC3 calculator is the rogue critical strke chance cap calculator, though it’s useful for other stats too.

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    Assassination Mutilate Rogue Stats, Rotation And Glyphs In Patch 4.0.1+

    This post is outdated! Go to our assassination / mutilate stats, rotation and glyphs for Patch 4.2 guide instead to get the latest info! 

    Are you looking to rebuild your rogue after patch 4.0.1 before Cataclysm arrives? Don’t know where to start, or don’t have time to search for information? Let us help you with the patch 4.0.1 assassination/mutilate rogue basics so that you’re up and running stabbing things before the next earthquake hits.

    Assassination/mutilation rogue rotation:

    Stealth > Garrote > Mutilate once > Slice n Dice > Mutilate twice > Rupture >

    If target above 35% health, mutilate twice


    If below 35%, backstab five times

    Rupture if it’s about to run out, if not, envenom > repeat from 35% health check

    Assassination talent spec:

    Standard talent build for level 80 assassination / mutilate rogue


    Agility > Expertise > Haste >Mastery > white hits > critical strike rating

    You need to be hit capped before any of that – that is 289 hit rating, if you also have 33 in precision talent (combat tree).


    Primes: Glyph of MutilateGlyph of BackstabGlyph of Rupture

    Major: Glyph of Fan of KnivesGlyph of FeintGlyph of Sprint

    Minor: Glyph of Safe Fall


    Did you find this guide useful? Want to read cool stuff about WoW daily? Then check out our main World of Warcraft page, and get the best posts from the Internet’s WoW blogs, every day.

    (Well, every day except Sunday. We’re not religious, but we are sometimes hung over.)




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    TLDR: Rogues In August 2010

    We all know that forums like Elitist Jerks are where the top players go to share tips and work out tricks for insane DPS or amazing healing. But who has the time to read through all those massive threads?

    MMO Melting Pot is on the case. We hack through the math so you don’t have to.

    So, Rogues…

    I guess the summary for our August TL:DR on Rogues is “nothing’s really changed”. If you’re up to date with your Roguing as of 3.3 (here’s the Elitist Jerks guide, which should tell you just about everything you need to know, and here’s the quick FAQ if you’re short on time or can’t be arsed, both from the truly awesome Aldriana), you’re up to date with playing a rogue.

    Although there are some neat tricks you can pull with Killing Spree…

    • The State Of Play. Mutilate and Combat are about even damage-wise (in PvE). Rupture’s pretty much gone away as a used skill (although see below). Subtlety still sucks badly. You’ll still get shouted at on EJ if you try to use Black Magic on either of your weapons. There’s probably lots of interesting stuff happening in rogue PvP, but I’m afraid you’re on your own with the Arena Junkies Rogue PvP forums (unless anyone can write a guest post?) – I don’t speak Gladiator. Apparently they use a Subtlety spec a lot. Who knew?
    • Rupture News: If you’re a Mutilate rogue, don’t use Rupture. Just don’t. [pullquote] For mutilate, envenom just doesn’t do damage in one hit, it also increases your poison proc chance a lot and refreshes Slice and Dice. Not to mention, Rupture scales with only one thing, Attack Power. Arp, Haste, Crit, Hit -> all of it worthless for rupture.[/pullquote] If you’re a Combat rogue, the question of whether a High-Rupture (90% uptime on Rupture, Rupture prioritised over Eviscerate) or an Evis-only cycle still rages, but appears to be coming to a steady conclusion. There appears to be some agreement that on very, very static fights (Saurfang and Festergut) Rupture is ahead on DPS, but not by a hell of a lot, and it’s a complete pig of a playstyle to maintain against all other bosses. Try it on Hard Mode Putricide.
    • Sindragosa and Killing Spree. There’s some question in the EJ forums as to when the best time to Killing Spree on Sindy is to not get Tail Swiped. Agreement seems to be that you either want to KS when she’s breathing (because she won’t interrupt that to swipe, I think) or when she’s just landed.
    • Hard Mode Lich King and Killing Spree. In Hard Mode LK, it’s possible to use Killing Spree under rather specific circumstances to recover from a Valkyr dropping you off the edge of the platform. Essentially, you either need a) another valkyr near the same edge, or b) the valkyr that dropped you to go below 50% health, at which point it’ll fly back in and up. If you’ve got an Engineering cloak, that really, really helps, apparently. However, I’m afraid that HM Lich King is a bit beyond my pay grade, so I can’t confirm if this works!

    That’s about it for this week – Rogues are, well, what Rogues are.

    Any tips or tricks for Rogues I missed? Anyone have the foggiest clue what the state of the art is in PvP Rogueing? And any requests for the next TLDR class choice?

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