WoW Enchanting Rods Guide

If you’re levelling Enchanting, you’ve probably realised you’re going to go through expensive materials like you wouldn’t believe. You may even have bought in vast supplies of dusts and essences. But there’s one element to Enchanting you may not have properly considered, and it’s brought me up short more than once – Rods.

As you go through your enchanting levelling, you’ll also go through a vast number of rods of different materials and expense levels. Some of them will be very cheap and easy to aquire – but most of them can be an unexpected stumbling block. A Runed Elementium Rod, for example – which you’ll need not just to level but also to create most of the profitable Cataclysm enchants – will set you back 70-odd gold from the AH for the Rod alone, and a further 950g or so for the materials.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimise the pain…

General Rod Tips

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When you’re preparing your Road To 525 Enchanting:

  • Get ALL your rods made in advance by a friendly blacksmith. Any 525 blacksmith should be able to craft all the rods – although some of them, like the Eternium Rod, will require a short trip to aquire the recipe. A guildie will be your best bet.
  • Watching the AH for cheap materials. A lot of elements of the enchanting rod tree – notably the Pearls, the Arcanite, and some of the other metals – are kinda rare just because very few people bother listing them. It’s also worth scouring your guild bank and asking guildies if they have spares of some of the rarer items – people often accumulate them because they’re so hard to sell.
  • If you can get a miner to help you, it’ll make aquiring some of the materials much easier. Likewise, an alchemist can make you the Arcanite, which you’ll probably pay through the nose for otherwise.
  • Remember – you need ALL of the rods. You can’t skip some of them – that may have been possible some time ago, but these days, each rod requires the rod before it to allow it to be made.

The Rods Themselves

  • Runed Copper Rod – Trivial. You can aquire all the items you need from vendors.
  • Runed Silver Rod – Likewise trivial. There’s usually silver on the AH – it may be in ore form, as miners use it to level up.
  • Runed Golden Rod – The hard bit here may be the Irridescent Pearl, but they’re a fairly common drop.
  • Runed Truesilver Rod – Welcome to your first hurdle. The tricky bit here is the Black Pearl. It may seem tempting to grind for one if the prices on the AH are 50g or more – don’t. The drop rate is horrible. However, if you can’t find one on the AH, you’re off to farm.
  • Runed Arcanite Rod – You can save a lot of money here by getting your Arcanite transmuted by an alchemist. It’s not on cooldown for them any more, and Arcane Crystals drop like flies for miners.
  • Runed Fel Iron Rod – Fel Iron tends to be very, very expensive as it’s by far the hardest “common” metal to aquire. You can sometimes get bargains on the ore in particular – watch the AH like a hawk. It is NOT worth mining for it, though – takes ages.
  • Runed Adamantite Rod – the quite, quite horrible bit here is the Primal Might. Hopefully someone on your server will have realised there’s a profit in selling them to Enchanters – check early in your levelling to find out if this is the case. Otherwise, you’re going to have to collect all the Primal elements – it’s doable to farm them, particularly at 85 – and then pay an alchemist. Again, this is no longer on CD.
  • Runed Eternium Rod – Eternium crops up rarely and randomly. By far your best bet here is to buy the rod ready-made if you can’t find the materials quickly – it’s entirely possible for weeks to pass without seeing any Eternium on the AH.
  • Runed Titanium Rod – Watch the Titanium ore as well as bars – it can often be 5 or 10 times cheaper. You can mine for this if all else fails, in Wintergrasp – but it’ll likely take 30 mins or so.
  • Runed Elementium Rod – And you’re there! This one’s the easiest of the list by far, at least in Cataclysm. Buy, make, profit!

Any Rod tips we should know about? Ahaaha, I see what you did there. Comment below!

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