Firelands Boss Guides – healing Lord Rhyolith

Everybody loves fire, so you’ll be delighted to hear that one of the early bosses in the Firelands raid is entirely made of fire – something that’s going to be oh-so-much fun for you if you’re healing. Lord Rhyolith is a fun boss with a really unique mechanic. Here’s our guide to defeating Rhyolith as a healer.

Factor 50

Lord Rhyolith is giant made of fire, who live on an island in the middle of a lake of molten fire, drops fire on the ground, and spawns adds that damage the raid with fire.

You should probably think about buffing the raid with fire resistance of some form.

Everyone needs healing

The fight consists of two phases: a ‘hit the boss, dodge the fire, deal with the adds’ phase (which will take up most of the fight) and a final, fairly standard, burn phase.

During the first phase Rhyolith will deal no damage. Your melee DPS players will be moving him around the room, but they will not be taking any direct damage from him. Instead, the damage will come from the adds that will spawn, and from the from the various forms of do-not-stand-in-it fire that appear on the floor. Our main article on Lord Rhyolith tactics has the full scoop.

You’ll find that the damage output for this fight is split pretty evenly amongst the entire raid. You’ll still need a dedicated healer for the tank (this fight only requires a single tank) but the rest of the healers will be splitting their attention among everybody. You may find it useful to assign some healers to the melee DPS and the rest to the ranged DPS, but the exact division of labor is up to you.


The adds

Rhyolith will spawn adds about every 25 seconds or so. It’ll either be a group of 5 Fragments Of Rhyolith, or a single Spark Of Rhyolith.

The Fragments of Rhyolith will only damage the tank, and won’t do huge amounts of damage. However, any Fragments still alive after 30 seconds will ignore the tank and charge a random raid member, administering their remaining health as instant damage. They’ll destroy themselves in the process, but that won’t be much consolation. There’s nothing you can do to avoid it (it’s the job of the damage-dealers to burn them down in time) but you may be quick-witted enough to fire off a preemptive HoT on the poor raid member about to be squashed. At the very least, you need to be ready with a beefy single-target heal once the damage has been done.

The Spark of Rhyolith throws out constant AoE damage, but if the tank has positioned the mob sensibly, nobody other than the tank will be affected by it. Sparks also increase their damage over time, so the tank will definately need ongoing healer attention while a Spark of Rhyolith is alive.

The fire

Lord Rhyolith will cast Concussive Stomp every 30 seconds, which will deal raidwide AoE damage. You should be able to time the casts quite accurately, and be ready with compensatory heals when it does go off.

As a side effect of Concussive Stomp, Rhyolith will create volcanoes on the floor. The volcanoes will occassionally erupt, dealing fire damage to random players every 2 seconds. Each eruptions lasts 20 seconds in total. Getting hit by an erruption will also apply a stacking debuff which increases fire damage taken. Thankfully for your mana supply (and possibly sanity) some of the volcanoes will be quickly converted to craters – this happens when Rhyolith stands on them.

When a volcano becomes a crater, it will immediately emit Lava streams. The streams will start at the crater and move away in all directions from it. Any idiot – er, that is, any valued colleague and fellow noble hero – who stands in the fire will receive damage. Well, honestly, what did they expect?

After 10 seconds, the lava streams explode, dealing damage to anybody stood on them. Once that happens, the crater disappears and is replaced by a lava pool (which will still damage anybody who stands in it but won’t do anything else).

Lava streams are quite slow-moving, so your raiders should be able to avoid them, but there’s a lot of other stuff going on at the same time, so don’t be suprised if the occasional mistake is made.

Yay! Phase 2 is about to sta- Ouch!

Once Rhyolith is reduced to 25% health, he’ll start to attack the raid directly, and – after a short bit of scripted animation – Phase 2 will begin. Be prepared: he’ll immediately throw down a rather nasty bit of once-only raidwide damage, which can be quite alarming if you’re not expecting it.

This is an absolutely classic burn phase, if you’ll pardon the rather appaling but ultimately unavoidable pun. Rhyolith will continue to cast Concussive Stomp every 30 seconds, which will give raid-wide damage. It also has a knock-back ability, so be careful not to get too close. He’ll no longer be summoning volcanoes, although there may well be some left over from Phase 1.

As with similar final burn phases, the damage the raid takes will gradually increase, and the tank will be taking the brunt of the damage. As a healer, it’s business as usual for you – cycle your cooldowns, grit your teeth, and wait for the big fiery fella to fall over.

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