WoW Roundup: WoW As Single Player, Druid Healing Woes, More…

Why do we like less-populated areas in WoW? Where should personal responsibility to a guild begin and end? And are druid healers just totally boned right now?

Read on, and all your questions shall be answered…

  • Bob at Altaclysmic defends preferring zones that are less crowded, rather than super-busy Cross-Realm Zone madness“I have made a decision that it is worth spending my limited time going to personally obtain the ore, but I need to be able to gather sufficient quantities in a certain timeframe for it to be worth the effort.”
  • Matticus ponders the question of where the line should be drawn between players having to provide their own resources or having those resources – flasks, food, etc – provided by the guild“I notice a strong correlation between player performance and their ability to provide their own character improvements. In other words, the players who farm for their own materials or purchase their own augments tend to not die as much and will consistently perform well in their roles.”
  • And Beruthiel updates us on the state of healing in MoP, including a stirring takedown of the ubiquitous “it’s not the class, it’s you” argument“In all of the back and forth and arguments happening, I saw the statement that if you are struggling to heal and perform as a druid “it’s not the class, it’s you” thrown about several times. It was enough to make my blood boil, because it is an inherently FALSE statement.”

If you’re in the US, enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!

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What It’s Like For The Other Side In Raiding

It’s not often I read about someone moving to a new guild and think “awwwww”. But Janyaa over at Muradin Musings has a heartwarming story and I immediately felt like sharing it with you all because while it does stoke the warm, fuzzy, fluffy feelings, it’s also a great insight into raiding.

No wait, that’s too simple. What Janyaa’s talking about is what it means to be a raider, and also to be a raid leader. Two very different things. She’s currently in a position where she can relax and enjoy being a raider without the responsibility of leading and it’s put her in a reflective mood.

I’ve been in Shadowraven for a little over a week now and, so far, things are going really well. Everybody has been warm and welcoming. Apparently, there are quite a few people in the guild who are night owls. There have been many nights I’ve found myself up at 2 or 3 am in the morning with more than a handful of people. And, man! Have we had some “colorful” conversations in mumble…

One of the best things about being in Shadowraven is that I can just be a raider…

This is a good read for anyone, be you raider, raid leader or even non-raider. Janyaa give you just enough of an insight into the ‘other side’ of things without boring or scolding you whatever walk of play you’re in – for example, she does a great job of underlining the fact that raid leaders have a lot of hats to wear without belittling being a ‘rank and file’ raider. Though she does have one teeny request at the end for raiders, which I think raid leaders everywhere would thank her for!

What do you think – are you happy with whatever you do/don’t do in a raid group, or do you wish you were a leader? Or even rank and file?

_Quote taken directly from Janyaa’s post

You can find Janyaa’s Muradin Musings homepage here_

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