Does Limiting Talent Specs In WoW Make Them ‘Meaningful Choices’?

Blacksen’s brought an old-new topic to the table today. He says that in WoW we should get unlimited talent specs. Or at least, a third talent spec. Sure, we might’ve heard this topic before. But Blacksen’s got a fresh and very convincing approach on it and his argument is very well constructed. So much so I’m scratching my head here looking for holes in it.

He links the MMO Champion forums and the WoW forums, where the discussion kicked off. Then Blacksen launches into his own argument, looking at the developers’ take on this. That is, they want talent specs to be meaningful choices. Blacksen says that having to pay in both gold and time to re-respec isn’t a meaningful choice, and it’s something a lot of WoW players do on a frequent basis.

The 66g and time-input doesn’t “magically create” a meaningful decision. Similarly, the 10g that it costs for swapping glyphs doesn’t make glyphs a “meaningful decision.” The meaning is derived from the fact that you must choose. From ~10 glyphs per prime/major category, you can only bring 3. Out of over 110 talents, you must choose 41, and 31 of those have to be in a single tree.

He points out that the meaningful decision comes in how you choose to spend your talents in a given spec. Indeed, Blacksen goes over examples of meaningful and non-meaningful decisions in the game, and the fact that WoW is an exception to this rule. Every other game he plays, he says, allows for a lot more flexibility in what direction your character excels in at any given time.

Blacksen wants to get this discussion out there and his post is persuasive enough to have a serious think. So tell me – where do you stand on this – would unlimited specs just remove the pointless gold/time respeccing cost, or would it remove a character’s individuality?

_Quote taken directly from Blacksen’s post

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