Quick-read Firelands tactics – our survival guide for the Firelands raid

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Whether you’ve just started raiding the Firelands, are looking to refresh your memory for a particular fight, or you need some easy copy-and-paste guides to help your guildies, our quick-read Firelands tactics guide has all the strategy you need.

Shannox strategy

  • Tank: one tank should take Shannox, one tank should take Riplimb. Rageface cannot be tanked.
  • Avoid the traps on the ground.
  • If someone gets caught in a Crystal Prison Trap, DPS the trap to release them.
  • Avoid Shannox’s spear throw. Don’t stand on the small fires that appear immediately afterwards.
  • Tank: The Riplimb tank should drag Riplimb onto a Crystal Prison Trap when Shannox throws his spear.
  • Ranged DPS: one ranged DPS should be assigned to distract Rageface. Hit him with a high damage ability once he starts attacking someone, then kite him.

You’re aiming to kill both dogs at roughly the same time, when Shannox is at about 35% health. The final phase is a burn phase – pop every cooldown you have left.

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Shannox heroic mode strategy

Traps cause more damage, and neither of the dogs can be permanently killed. Trap the dogs in Crystal Prison Traps whenever you can. Rageface needs to be trapped, not just Riplimb. Don’t let them hit an Immolation Trap. Riplimb is immune to traps while holding the spear, so you need to trap him while he’s running for the spear, before he actually reaches it.

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Beth’tilac strategy

Split the raid into two teams. Web team: 1 tank, 1 healer, all melee DPS. Ground team: 1 tank, the rest of the healers, all ranged DPS.

  • DPS Smolderweb Spinners as soon as they appear. Web team should grab spider’s threads to get up to the web.
  • Web team have a standard tank-and-spank job on Beth’tilac. Watch out for the flaming meteors that occasionally drop.
  • Web team: jump down to the ground when Beth’tilac casts Smoldering Devastation. When she’s finished casting, grab Spider’s Threads again and get back up.
  • Ground team: DPS Smolderweb Spinners but don’t grab the Spider’s Threads. If anyone gets trapped in a web, DPS the web to release them.
  • Ground team: DPS Cinderweb Drones. Kill them before their Energy reaches zero. The Ground team Tank should face them away from the raid.
  • Ground team: DPS the Cinderweb Spiderlings. Don’t let them reach the Drones. They can be slowed.

Phase 2 is triggered after 3 Smoldering Devastations. Beth’tilac will head down to the ground level. Pop cooldowns, DPS her down ASAP. Tanks should tank swap at 20 stacks of The Widow’s Kiss debuff.

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Beth’tilac heroic mode strategy

The ground team will have to deal with an additional mob type – Cinderweb Broodlings. They can’t be tanked, and will fixate on a random player. They explode on contact. Best tactic is to assign someone to stand at the spawn point and soak the damage. Cinderweb Drones will also fixate. The fixated player should kite the Drone, avoiding Cinderweb Spiderlings.

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Lord Rhyolith strategy

This is a 1-tank fight. The boss does not need to be tanked, so the tank will be on the adds.

  • Melee DPS should be attacking the boss. Hit his left foot to steer him left, hit his right foot to steer him right.
  • Melee DPS – steer the boss onto the volcanoes on the floor.
  • Avoid the lava streams and the lava pools.
  • Ranged DPS and the Tank should deal with the adds. Fragments of Rhyolith need to be killed within 30 seconds of spawning.
  • Tank – each Spark of Rhyolith needs to be tanked away from the rest of the raid.

The final phase is a DPS burn phase. Hit all your cooldowns (particularly mitigation/healing cooldowns, to help the tank survive).

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Lord Rhyolith heroic mode strategy

When Rhyolith steps on a volcano, he’ll spawn Liquid Obsidium. You can safely ignore them – certainly, you should not allow them to affect the way you’re steering Rhyolith. 10 Fragments of Rhyolith will spawn each time, as opposed to the 5 that spawn on normal mode. Avoid the beams of fire in phase 2 – the easiest way is to have all melee stack on one side of Rhyolith and all ranged stack on the other side.

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h2(#alysrazor). Alysrazor strategy

Split into two teams – Ground and Air. Ranged DPS should be in the air team, everyone else in the ground team.

Phase 1

  • Alysrazor will hit the raid with a big AoE damage immediately after the pull.
  • Air team should each gather 3 Molten Feathers from the ground. That will cause you to fly. You need to regularly fly through the rings of fire in the air to refresh your flight buff. Chase the boss, DPS as best you can.
  • Ground team should avoid the lines of fire dropped by Alysrazor.
  • Ground team – don’t stand in front of the worms.
  • Ground team – interupt Fieroblast cast by Burning Talon Initiates. Avoid the fireballs they summon.
  • Ground team – move away from the Molten Eggs, unless you’re the tank.
  • Tank – stand next to the eggs until Voracious Hatchling emerges. Kite the hatchling to the worms. DPS the hatchling and the worms – you’ll have a buff which massively increases your damage.

Phase 2

  • Don’t stand near the edge, or right in the middle. Avoid the tornados.

Phase 3

  • DPS should all DPS the boss hard. Pop cooldowns.
  • Healers should also DPS the boss. Any DPS done during this phase restores your mana.
  • Tank should control the Blazing Talon Clawshapers.

Phase 4

  • Healers – be prepared for massive raidwide damage.
  • Don’t stand in front of the boss.
  • Tanks swap when Alysrazor reaches 75 stacks of Molten Power.

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Alysrazor heroic mode strategy

The tornados in Phase 2 will do huge damage to anyone caught by them. Incendiary Clouds in the air will also instakill. Phases 2, 3 and 4 are basically unchanged. Phase 1 has a new add, Herald of the Burning End. They spawn bolders, which Ranged DPS should kill. During Phase 1 she will cast Firestorm. When this happens, the entire raid must LoS Alysrazor. The air team should head back to the ground for this. Use the bolders to give you somewhere to hide.

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Baleroc strategy

  • Baleroc will slowly increase the health of the tank, as well as slowly increase his own damage output.
  • Tank and healers need to be prepared for Decimation Blade (every 60 seconds), which will knock the tank down to 10% health.
  • Don’t bother attacking the adds – they’re unattackable.
  • DPS need to move around so somebody (not the tank or a healer) is near the adds. The nearest player will get a stacking shadow DoT called Tormented.
  • Healers need to regularly switch healing targets. Healing the player with the Tormented DoT will increase your healing done. Once that happens, you should take over as the tank healer. Healing the tank will consume your +healing buff. Another healer should be ready to take over once your buff has expired.

Baleroc heroic mode strategy

The Tormented debuff will now spread to other players on melee contact. Baleroc will sometimes cast Countdown on two random raiders (not the tank). The affected players must come together within 8 seconds of Countdown or they will wipe the raid.

Majordomo Staghelm strategy

  • When the raidleader calls for ‘Scorpion form’, stack up in front of the boss. When the raidleader calls for ‘Cat form’, spread out.
  • When he’s in Cat form, move out of the way if he leaps at you. He leaves fire where he leaps. Don’t stand in it.
  • DPS the Spirit of the Flame adds as soon as they appear.
  • Healers – when he’s in his Scorpion form, he’ll cast a frontal cone attack. The damage should be spread among the raid if they’ve stacked up correctly, but still needs to be healed through.
  • When you get the Searing Seeds debuff, make sure you’re standing away from the rest of the raid when it expires.
  • DPS – when Burning Orbs appear, you need to move around to regularly change which player is closest to the Orbs.

Majordomo Staghelm heroic mode strategy

Each player will get a new bar for this fight, called a Concentration Bar. The higher your Concentration, the more damage/healing you’ll do. Any damage taken resets the bar. Staghelm has a massive health pool, and his abilities do far more damage (particularly Burning Orbs).

Ragnaros strategy

Phase 1 (and all subsequent phases)

  • Spread out in a semi-circle in front of the boss. He has a massive hit box, so healers and ranged DPS can stand well back.
  • Move away from Sulfuras Smash. You’ll see the indicator on the ground before it hits. Seriously, move away. It will hurt.
  • Dodge the Lava waves immediately after Sulfuras Smash. There are three waves – aim to position yourself in the gaps.
  • Dodge the Magma Trap if it’s launched at you.
  • Tanks should tank-swap at 4 stacks of Burning Wound.
  • Ranged DPS should trigger the Magma Traps, but only when the raid is on high enough health to survive the damage.

First transition

The first transition happens at when Ragnaros is at 70% health. Ragnaros will cast Hammer Strike, which should be dodged. Avoid the spawn-points of the adds (fiery effect on the ground), and kill the adds before they reach Ragnaros. The adds move slower as they lose health, so spread DPS among all adds. There are 8 adds in total. Kill them all to trigger Phase 2.

Phase 2

The same as Phase 1, with the following additions:

  • Everyone should spread out. Stack on the tank as soon as Molten Seeds has been cast.
  • DPS the adds that appear (Molten Elementals).
  • Ragnaros will cast Engulfing Flame, targeting a third of the platform. Move away immediately if you’re stood on that section.

Second transition

The second transition comes at 40%. It’s the same as the first transition, with the addition of two extra adds called Lava Scions. Don’t focus any DPS on them – they’ll be killed in Phase 3. Move to the edge of the platform if you get the Blazing Heat debuff. You’ll be spewing fire under your own feet, so continue moving once you get there. If any of the adds touch the fire they will be healed. That will cause the Sons of Flame to speed up again, probably wiping the raid, so react quickly if you get Blazing Heat.

Phase 3

The same as Phase 1, with the following additions:

  • Move out of the summoning position of Living Meteors (indicated by flames on the ground). If they fixate on you, kite them away from the raid. When they catch up with you (and they will), attack them to knock them back and reset their Fixate target. Do not knock them back into the rest of the raid.

Ragnaros heroic mode strategy

See our separate Ragnaros heroic mode quick-read tactics guide.

Thanks to Kimano from the Reckoning guild on Lightninghoof US for all his invaluable help with this guide!

Do you have tips for the Firelands raid bosses? Have we missed any important points? Let us know in the comments.

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