Are you a bear’s ass?

I know they’re not exactly an unkown blog, but I really like some of the writing on WoW Insider.

And today, Alison Robert has a great fun piece in her Druid column, offering you the chance to take a quiz to find out – which Druid spec suits your personality best?

A cool piece of gear drops, but you realize it might not actually be an upgrade. Do you roll on it?

  1. Ooh, math. Let me get my slide rule.
  2. I am a large animal without the capacity for abstract thought.
  3. I don’t care if it’s an upgrade. I killed and ate the rogue who was my only competition.
  4. Well, let me see … I’m actually pretty close to the next Wild Growth breakpoint, but I’d have to regem everything in order to make it. But is that really a good idea when I mostly tank heal, anyway? WG was only 14% of my healing on that last fight, and once I account for the intellect loss it … hey! HEY! I’m not finished! Don’t give it to the stupid priest!

Having spent a chunk of two weeks ago attempting to mash my brain into understanding Resto Druid haste caps, I really empathised with the last bit.

It’s not deep heavy thinking, but it is great fun, and anyone who’s every played a druid will recognise the stereotypes. If you fancy something light and entertaining, give it a read – and you might well learn a bit about Druids too!

What Drood were you? And did you think the stereotypes were accurate?

_Quotes taken directly from Alison’s column at WoW Insider.

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