WoW: How to leave a guild

Sometimes you’ve just had enough of WoW. How to leave a guild can be a tricky dilema – for you and for your fellow guild members. It’s easy to accidentally create resentment and anger. Sometimes, too, it’s hard to know how best to leave.

Here are our top tips for leaving your guild with the minimum of drama.

How to leave your guild

Guild membership is seperate for every character, so if you have more than one character in the same guild, you’ll need to quit seperately for each one. It’s entirely possible to have a character in one guild, and another character in an entirely different guild.

When you’re ready to actually leave, there are several ways to do the deed.

  • Type /gquit into any chat box, and you’ll be removed from your current guild.
  • Open the Guild window from the mini-menu (default keyboard shortcut J, and select the Roster tab. Right-click your name, and select Leave Guild.
  • Your guild leader (or another high-ranking guild official) can ‘kick’ you from the guild.

It’s not you, it’s me

There are plenty of good reasons for leaving your current guild, not all of them acrimonious. Perhaps your guild is simply not the sort of guild you’re looking for – maybe you want to participate in 25-man raids, but your guild only ever runs 10-man raids. Maybe you’ve got really addicted to PvP arenas and you want to find a guild which specializes in PvP. Or perhaps you just find yourself online at different times to the rest of your guild and therefore miss out on the social aspect.

Whatever the reason, if you don’t feel that your current guild is working out, there’s no reason not to raise your concerns with your guild leaders and discuss it. Most guild leaders will be happy to talk to you about it, and in many cases will entirely understand your reasons for leaving. It’s hard for one guild to be all things to all players, after all.


When things turn bad

Unfortunately, sometime your desire to leave your guild will stem from less pleasant reasons.

You may wish to leave because you feel that you’re not being treated fairly – being disproportionately passed over for raid spots or loot. If that’s the case, it’s still worth at least trying to talk it over with your guild leaders first. These situations do sometimes arise unintentionally, and if the guild can make moves to rectify the balance, you may not need to leave after all.

A more troubling scenario would be one in which you felt uncomfortable with some or all of your guildmates. Tasteless jokes in guild chat are not against the rules in WoW (although they may very well contravene your guild’s own policies) but if you feel you’re being harrased or abused by one or more members of a guild, you should report it. The first person to turn to is your guild leader: detail the abuse you’ve received and explain why you think it’s unacceptable. Your guild leader may be able to resolve the problem. If that doesn’t work, you can report abuse to a Blizzard GM. Blizzard’s definitions of “abuse” are quite strict, but you will be listened to.

Of course, it’s usually a good idea to talk to the abusive player directly first of all. What you viewed as unacceptable abuse may have been meant by them as merely a joke, or light-hearted teasing. Raising your concerns with the player in question is sometimes enough to warrant an apology and the end of the abusive behaviour.

The downsides of /gquit

If you quit your guild, you’ll eventually lose any points of Reputation you may have built up. When you join a new guild, you’ll have to start the grind again from scratch. Any reputation-dependant items you may have aquired from your old guild (recipes, heirloom items, etc) will not be taken away from you. You’ll also lose access to any guild perks, of course – so your 15-minute hearstone, 10% experience boost, and other guild perks will no longer be yours to command.

If you don’t join another guild and rejoin your old guild within 30 days of quitting, your points of Reputation will remain intact. Joining a new guild will reset your guild reputation.

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