Super-short, super-useful – What can Warlocks CC and what quests haven’t you done?

Good evening, afternoon, or morning as appropriate!

We’re starting off today with a couple of super-snippets – not huge great Tamarind-style epic blog posts, but tiny little hits of the Useful.

First up, Girls Don’t Play WoW has a guide to all forms of Warlock CC. Doesn’t sound that useful? “But I’m not a Warlock”? Think again, I’d say. It’s a quick blast of info that tells you a lot of capabilities you probably didn’t know your raid’s locks had.

Did you know that locks have 6, yes, 6, forms of more-than-2-sec CC? Did you know that with the right glyphs they’re nearly as good at CC as a Mage? I’m damn sure I didn’t.

Well, you do now. Awesome.

Second up, a quick recommendation for an addon that soothes away one of the biggest pains in Cataclysm: lost quests. You know that point where you just can’t find the next damn questgiver? They’re around somewhere, but you’re buggered if you know where?

Windsoar’s been there, and she’s got a recommendation. I’ve wanted an addon like that for years, and I’m very glad that API changes in WoW mean it’s now possible.

So there you go. Short, sweet, simple, and hopefully, handy as hell.

Whilst we’re on the subject – do you have any quick tips for Cata or otherwise you’d like to share with your fellow Melting Potters?

You can find Girls Don’t Play WoW at, and Jaded Alt at

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Pathak: What About The New Quest Mechanics?

Quests. Are they really different in the new Azeroth that’s toasted and slightly smoking at the edges? Pathak’s started a discussion about quest mechanics and whether or not they’re any better than they used to be.

He opens up saying that a friend of his recently drew a comic strip suggesting that the new quests were just like the old ones. Just somehow a tad different, as if … by magic. Pathak himself seems to be open to debate on quests’ novelty value and it’s an interesting question to be asking a week into Cataclysm.

This is where you come in. Where you are anyone questing, old or new, low level player or 80-85 racer. Pathak’s got a list of some of his favourite new quest mechanics and I agree on several counts, but he’s genuinely asking for your input on saving-the-world mechanics.

This sparked a comment on some of the same-sameness being a little different, due to phasing, and some of the more interesting questing mechanics used in the game … I haven’t made it to 85 yet, let alone 82.  There may be other new quest mechanics that I’ve seen in the game, but I’ve either forgotten, or it might not have been that interesting.  No doubt that a few of these mechanics might be primers for raid encounters.

So for Pathak’s sake and ours, pitch in: do you like the new quests? Why, what grabs you – or doesn’t?

Quote taken directly from Pathak’s post

You can find Pathak / Malygos (and alts) homepage here

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Looking For More: The Nature Of Adventurers

So lately some of us have been worriting about dodgy quests in Azeroth. While that’s a valid concern to pin down, it’s also good to look at the lighter side. That’s exactly what Analogue over at Looking For More is doing today with a brief post looking at just how our characters really are when they’re off out adventuring.

Analogue’s pointing out that while some quests like the torture one in Borean Tundra might cause a rumpus, our characters don’t exactly stop to question the quest givers who ask us to lay waste to their neighbours. Neighbours who may be any range of species from kobold to dwarf and whom might be doing nothing more heinous than knitting, or dusting their prize candle collection.

Then there’s these errands people have us do. We really just… take their word for it that the kobolds are a threat. Honestly, they’re usually sitting in their camps minding their own business. Farmer Bob says they’re a threat, and he’ll give me some nice shoes if I kill them all, but it’s entirely possible he just wants their land for more turnip fields.

Analogue’s post isn’t meant to be overly serious. While it does have a sincere point at its heart, it’s both brilliant and refreshing for providing a touch of lightheartedness. Now excuse me while I go thin the local ostrich population. Real dangerous, those birds.

Funny that the quest giver was standing next to the campfire looking hungry, now I think of it.

_Quote taken directly from Analogue’s post_

_Looking For More’s homepage is here_

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Lorehound And Loremaster – Time Is Running Out

Loremaster: a word to send a chill down your very spine. Well, your pixellated spine, because if your character doesn’t have the Loremaster title yet they’ve got a long road ahead of them. While it probably ain’t winding, it almost certainly is daunting and fraught with obscure quests. Pixeystixy over at is eyeing up the idea with some trepidation, and I don’t blame her.

Ah! I’m not interested in Loremaster, I hear you cry. Pixeystixy points out that mayhap you should be interested. She condenses the recent flotilla of information about Cataclysm’s quests into a few good reasons to do the Loremaster trek now – that is, almost everything’s disappearing[pullquote]It’s time to stop hesitating and get that title. Given that I don’t have a ton of time left before Cataclysm … I’m getting all my ducks in a row for the quest grind.[/pullquote] in a snort of dragonsbreath. It’d be a shame to miss out on some of the lore, the quests and the items. I’m quaking in my boots at the thought of loremaster, but parts of me keep tugging at my conscience because I like collecting pets – gotta catch ’em all! My internal pet procurer wants to chase down the Sprite Darter questchain – one of many quest rewards that’ll probably be gobbled up by the freshly hatched expansion. That’s almost enough to get me on the road to Loremaster. Given that Pixeystixey is calling for fellow Loremaster victims companions it’d be handy if she’d mentioned any unique or specialist items she knew about as a kind of mutual incentive, as I’m sure the Sprite Darter Hatchling isn’t the only one.

Saying that Pixey does dig up some really useful™ Loremaster addons. I know someone who got the Loremaster title a while ago now; I remember she said how hard it could be to find the last niggling quests in some zones. Happily it looks like the addons Pixey suggests for us Loremaster potentials make the whole pursuit much easier. Sure, easy isn’t always desireable, but in this case it might mean we don’t all have to quest day and night to get the achievement and soon to be vestige of a past era, given how many quests there are and how much time there isn’t before Cataclysm.

Either way – good luck to Pixeystixy on the Loremaster trail. What about you – are you, like me, vaguely keeping Loremaster at the back of your mind in an I really should get round to that way, or is it something that’s just not your dram of tea?

_Quotes direct from pixeystixy’s post – the Lorehound homepage is here._

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