Tips for Power-Levelling Enchanting

So you’ve decided to become an Enchanter? Good for you! Now, that’ll be 20,000g, please!

Well, not quite that much, but not far off. Enchanting is the WoW equivalent of training as a doctor – you can make a hell of a lot of money once you’ve done it, but boy is the path to get there long and painful. We’re talking about a profession where a single skill point – the Runed Elementium Rod , for example – might set you back more than 1,000 gold.

Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to ease the pain. It’ll never completely go away – Enchanting’s just a pain to level, and there’s no way to avoid it – but here are a bunch of ways you can save a bit of cash on the way up. And bearing in mind the profession we’re talking about, “a bit of cash” can easily be 5k gold!

Note – this isn’t a power-levelling guide! There are plenty of excellent ones on the Internet – Google “Power Levelling Enchanting” – but often you’ll do better with WoWHead, a spreadsheet, and your local AH to hand, as that lets you be more flexible and hence save money.

Disenchant at all times!

It’s almost never worth buying your enchanting materials from the AH until and unless you’ve completely exhausted the weapons and armour of that level and their disenchant properties.

Particularly these days, most of the people listing enchanting materials on the AH will be looking to make a healthy profit. Vision Dust, one of the lower-level dusts, can easily sell for 4g a piece on a bad day. However, the listings for weapons and armour are likely to be less competitive – people will list items they’ve made whilst power-levelling, list to clear their bags, and list with very little understanding of the likely price of their items.

I’d actually recommend adding a Disenchanting addon to your WoW setup – Enchantrix is the best-known – and mass-buying everything that will disenchant to dusts, essences or shards that you need, now or in the future, to the maximum extent you can afford. If you end up with leftovers, you can always sell them.

Manufacture materials that you can’t get by Disenchanting

There are a number of well-known sticking points for Enchanting – Vision Dust, Eternal Essence, Arcane Dust and Infinite Dust, for starters. In all cases, you can end up stuck with no available items on the AH, or with ridiculously high mats prices. However, if you can enlist some guildies, you can get over or around those problems fairly easily.

For Vision Dust, for example, you can either buy the mats for Nightscape Headband or any of the Mageweave set, have a guildie make them, and then disenchant them to provide you with the materials you need. For Greater Eternal Essence, have a blacksmith craft you Enchanted Thorium Blades, then DE those.

You can easily find possible options for disenchanting through WoWHead – choose the enchanting reagent you need, then select “Disenchanted From”, choose “filter”, and add a “Crafted By Profession” filter. Prices will vary server to server, but a bit of networking with your guild or on Trade will get you past most hurdles.

Get your Rods made well in advance.

Arguably the hardest single element of Enchanting – and the one that trips most people up – is getting your Rods made. They look trivial on first glance – but don’t be fooled.

We have an entire seperate guide on Enchanting Rods – go there to learn more.

If you’re 85, grind your Shards

Shards can be expensive. No, scratch that. Shards can be REALLY expensive. However, they’re also the only enchanting material you can reliably grind for.

If you need a shard, just go to a dungeon of the appropriate level – solo, so you’ll actually have to fly there – and kill some bosses. Disenchant the blues you get, and repeat until you have enough shards. Remember, you can reset the instance if necessary.

Unless you’re really imba, this won’t work at level 85, but before then it’s golden.

Good luck!

Enchanting’s not the least challenging profession to level in the world. But once you’ve levelled it, riches and fame can be yours.

Good luck!

Got some power-levelling tips we should know? Share them here!

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