The State Of the World Of Warcraft

Blizzard are back dominating the news cycle again, as today they’ve not only announced the revamped Scroll of Resurrection but also have completed their series of post-mortem interviews with the game developers, talking about what went right and what went wrong with Cataclysm.

In general, there seems to be a fin de siècle feel in the WoW blogosphere at the moment, with a lot of people looking at where WoW is now, how it has done over the expansion, and what’s to come. Here are four particularly interesting posts on the subject from today – and there will be more to come over the next few weeks, I’m sure!

  • Vidyala at Manalicious is considering how the new cross-realm tools – raiding, dungeons and more – are totally changing the nature of WoW as a guild-based game“Apotheosis is raiding hard-mode content with a group of 25 people. Their policies and involvement may differ considerably from Business Time’s. But in the space that we intersect, we get along famously. I also cannot overstate that this is absolutely the best thing that could possibly happen for guilds of any size or goal. “
  • Anafielle at Sacred Duty takes on Blizzard’s claims about raid tuning, saying that 25-man vs 10-man raid difficulty has been way out of whack“Each damage dealer in a 10 man raid was expected to put out 82% of the DPS of each damage dealer in a 25 man raid. 82%. Call it 85% with more healers DPSing in 25. Wow. This is how they define even tuning.”
  • Gnomeageddon argues in a very personal post that how we see WoW is very much a matter of perspective“Is your WoW filled with amazement that so much can be provided for so many for so long? Or is it WoW filled with bugs, class imbalance and downtime?”
  • And Tzufit of Tree Heals Go Whoosh talks about how she’s really enjoying her new endgame… in Outland“Now, 4 years since the release of the Sunwell patch that marked both the winding down of the BC era and the beginning of my time in WoW, I find that my minipriest has found her way home to Shattrath once more. Although the city may be deserted compared to how it was on my first night there, it is still as interesting to me as ever. “

What’s your opinion on the State of WoW right now?

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