Hugh Hancock from the Melting Pot on the Twisted Nether Podcast

AS promised, here’s the link to my interview with the Twisted Nether team last weekend – it covered an awful lot of ground, from my gaming history, through the formation of, to tips for bloggers and filmmakers, to the current state of WoW and thoughts on the future of gaming:


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Obscurecast Season Finale

Just pausing for a brief interlude to let you know that Gazimoff and Pewter of The Obscurecast WoW podcast recorded their last show of the year last Friday. Y’know, before having a break for holiday frivolities and respite. There was much talk of pies and ribena during the podcast though I’m suspecting that might not be in the final cut. Wait, how do I know? I was on the show with them.

It was my first podcast and despite being a bundle of nerves I had great fun. I’d like to say thanks – again – to Gazimoff and Pewter for having me on the show, and I hope you’re feeling better soon Pewter!

If you’d like to listen to us chat about creepy moonkin hatchlings, the ‘slate leak’ and more, you can listen to it here: ObscureCast Season Finale.

Gazimoff and Pewter are planning to return with a new season and a re-jigged format to the Obscurecast in mid-January, so not long to wait for their great show to be back in the ether. I meanwhile may appear over the radiowaves again at some point in the future, or I may send one of my minions cohorts, Hugh and Johnnie. No promises for the future, but we’ll always consider it!

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