Killed By Facebook, Building Space and Unwritten Laws

From Facebook vs MMORPGs to Murphy’s Laws of MMOs, here’s the rest of the day’s fun links – plus, Cynwise announces a temporary retirement…

  • Yes, Cynwise, winner of the 2011 Piggies award for best blog post, is taking a break from blogging – but leaves us with a comprehensive index of all his best work“Since this weblog is pretty big – I write a lot, okay – I thought putting a map for new visitors up at the very top of the front page was the best way for me to leave the store unattended for a while.”
  • Spinks has been assembling a list of the unwritten rules of MMORPG play“Whining actually does help. The more you whine about not getting that rare drop you want or never being able to get a group to some location, the more likely it is that the thing you want will actually happen immediately afterwards, thus making you look like a miserable whiner with no grip on reality.”
  • Tobold ponders the question of whether MMORPGs are being killed by social networking“MMORPGs don’t make for a very stable social network. There are workarounds, for example I am in a multi-game guild, but even those rely on most people playing whatever game is in vogue at the moment. “
  • And Ardwulf writes an interesting piece pondering how to generate planets in a space-based MMO that are realistically large, but also interesting“I’m a big believer in procedural generation and think it ought to be used more widely than it is in MMOs. At the same time, though, it can give you a lot of empty places that look the same.”

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Stupendous SW:TOR Sights – an album of planets

Having only managed to play about 4 hours of the beta, I’ve been very interested to see what Star Wars: The Old Republic has to offer in the way of eye candy. One of WoW’s strongest points has always been its extremely visually striking and distinctive zones, and whether TOR will manage to match those with its planets will be a significant hidden factor in its success.

Plus, I just like looking at pretty things.

So I was very interested to see MMO Gamer Chick’s “Planetary Album” post today – and from the first image, it’s pretty obvious that both she and the game are more than a little artistically gifted

There are some awesome shots in here, and they’re matched by her thoughts on each planet, which are interesting in turn.

Obviously, beware spoilers – if you want to experience everything for the first time, probably best to avoid this post. Otherwise, though, go look at the gorgeous images!

What have you thought of SW:TOR’s visuals so far?

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