Three Quests, Many Pictures, And A Panda IRL

This post was delayed from yesterday. Sorry about that!

It’s not ALL Guild Wars 2 out there today!

Here’s what was happening in the rest of the MMOSphere:

  • Garrosh Hellscream Needs YOU – to take attractive and interesting pictures for his Command Board“Spazzle mentioned that it might be nice to put some pictures into the blog, break up the walls of text (if only someone could make pictures come out of Tirion’s mouth when he gets rolling, amirite?), that sort of thing. I took that as him volunteering for the job, and told him to get to work.”
  • Syp at Bio Break gives a report on his peculiar but interesting plan to serialise his MMO time, three quests at a time“I’m just experimenting with different ways to handle multiple MMOs without losing focus in any particular one. This is for me, not necessarily for anyone else; I’m just sharing my gaming journey, as always.”
  • And Rioriel from Postcards From Azeroth gives a lovely report on the Red Pandas that he and many of his readers who donated have been able to adopt at his local zoo“There we have it, thank you to everyone who donated. We’ve adopted a red panda! “

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Hour of Twilight and Patch 5.0 Miscellany – Faction Storylines, Responsibility for War, and more

There have been lots of great posts over the last day, and some of them are quite hard to categorise.

So, here are some of the best bits and pieces that have cropped up over the last few days of Patch 4.3 madness, that otherwise might be missed:

  • In An Age does a great take-down of the Blizzard “Factionally imbalanced?” Developer Chat – “Bottom line: the Horde interaction is multifaceted with many conflicting goals and desires among the groups. Alliance interaction is one-dimensional, for basically no reason. Horde has Wheel of Time meets Dune whereas Alliance has goddamn Jack and Jill meets See Spot Run.”
  • Tesh has some fantastic Druid-themed Signet Rings available for sale. Great presents for the lazorchicken or bear in your life.
  • Blessing of Kings would like to see the Horde’s players forced to take responsibility for the sack of Theramore“One of the problems with this method is that it’s never the player’s fault that the Alliance and Horde are at war. It’s always that angry Garrosh, or stupid Varian. If only they were sensible and intelligent, then all these problems could be avoided.”
  • And Riorel at Postcards from Azeroth takes the End Time dungeon and produces one of his most evocative images ever

Any other titbits from the last few days that you think should get more publicity?

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