Doing It Right’s Not Always The Best Thing

Tobold’s one of the biggest MMO bloggers out there but he’s plain stopped playing WoW. He’s been catching up on single player games instead. But he’s realised his time as an MMO player has coloured his overall gaming habits, particularly in regards to optimisation.

Tobold’s upfront about his views on optimisation – constantly trying to play your character better – and says that gaming is meant to be fun, so you shouldn’t always have to play a particular way deemed most optimal. Which, sadly, happens. Tobold points out that there’s an entire sub-culture in MMOs where other players expect everyone else to play ‘correctly’, and if you deviate from that you’re Doin’ It Rong.

There is a wide-spread cult of optimum efficiency towards a single goal in MMORPGs. If you don’t have the same goal, Gevlon will compare you to a pedophile [link to corresponding Gevlon post removed]. If you have the same goal but aren’t on the optimum path towards it and moving sufficiently fast, you’re only a moron & slacker. Now Gevlon is just the most disgustingly outspoken high priest of that cult, but the attitude is everywhere.

Now, calling this mindset a cult is extreme for my tastes. But to make up for it he comes up with a beautifully simple idea to reduce the problem of other people telling you what to do. And that idea is absolutely needed because extreme or not he’s got a point; more often than not other people will unsolicited tell you how to play and even berate you if you’re doing it wrong by their standards. And that’s no fun.

What do you think – is the community too focused on playing ‘right’ or are there times and places for playing right and experimenting?

_Quote taken directly from Tobold’s post_

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