Smart Kids and MMO Graveyards

And finally, some great posts unconnected to the big controversies of the day…

  • JD Kenada at Amateur Azerothian is getting into the Olympic spirit by organising… the Transmogolympics!
  • Anne Stickney at WoW Insider argues that Cataclysm failed because it bored the smart kids“Quests like Welcome to the Machine and The Day Deathwing Came were instantly loved because they presented something so completely different than anything we’d seen before that they were immediately far more interesting than any other quest presented in the expansion.”
  • Ocho at Casual Aggro is now 100% convinced – Diablo 3 is an MMO. And he’s got some very interesting arguments“Cheating in single player games allows players to explore the game on multiple levels and fairness never even comes up in the equation. However, you cheat in Diablo 3, which does not claim to be an MMO and what happens? You get BANNED. “
  • And finally, Melmoth at Killed In A Smiling Accident writes a lovely piece on his equivalent of the Elephant’s Graveyard – the Disk of Abandoned MMORPGs“Rarely do I attempt to resurrect a game from its magnetised mausoleum, but often I wish myself a Frankenstein of files, able to take a perfect piece from this crypt, some small segment from this other, and thence hammer and hew, stretch sinew and stitch, until my meisterwerk takes form. Would it be a monster? Would it be misunderstood?”

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