Could You Go Back To An Old MMO?

Over the weekend, there was one last issue that seemed to be running around the blogosphere – and that was the issue of old games. Could you go back? Would it be fun if you did?

  • Ravious returned to LoTRO after time in Guild Wars 2, and ended up with an entirely new perspective on quests versus the “Hearts” system“I think that the Guild Wars 2 system is one of the best for an MMO, but I also think it is important to step back for a moment. In my case, LOTRO helped me do that because it allowed me to clear my mind of the subjective glee of playing Guild Wars 2. I had to return to restriction with quest chains to truly see the Guild Wars 2 system.”
  • Syncaine looks at the idea of returning to old MMORPGs as his own personal favourite, Darkfall, looms into view once again” An MMO’s design determines who it attracts. There is a reason The Mittani and players like him play EVE and not GW2. And should EVE ever turn into GW2, those players will leave.”
  • And Beau Hindeman at Massively returns to a particularly old favourite – Dark Age of Camelot, which he finds still very playable“My theory on graphics is that they can stay stuck in time, with barely an update, for years and years. Look at EverQuest or Ultima Online, for example. Like Dark Age of Camelot, these games can pretty much remain how they are for the rest of time and we can still appreciate them. “

Personally, I’ve recently been playing Thief: The Dark Age, originally released in 1998 – and it’s astonishing just how playable it is and how complex it feels. The graphics are awful, but other than that, it’s still extremely playable, exciting, and scary.

Have you revisted an old favourite? How did you find it?

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