Never miss a great MMO post again!

I’m very pleased to announce a new feature here at the MMO Melting Pot – our new Weekly Digest.

I’m surprised it took me as long as it did to think of this one. Obviously, I check the MMO news every day, for a good long while – but I know that for most people it’s easy to miss a day or a post here and there – and suddenly everyone’s talking about something you didn’t see.

So, we’re now going to round up the week in MMOs every week in an email-based digest form. So, even if you’ve been busy, or you just straight out didn’t see a great post, you’ll be able to see all of the most influential topics and useful posts at the end of the week in one place.

We’ll also be using the Digest to:

  • Summarise the week in MMO news, including smaller bits that you might have missed.
  • Let you know about new MMO Melting Pot guides and features – I know sometimes our guides can be hard to spot.
  • And offer deals and special offers related to MMOs – we’re starting to have developers and publishers contact us about deals for our readers, and this is a great place to put them.

Of course, we’ll not be sharing email addresses with anyone or doing anything else dodgy. I’ve had the same email address for 13 years now, which means over time I’ve come to really, really hate spam.

Sign up for the Digest below:


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Alhpa Testing Opportunity With A Kick

Have you ever dreamed of being a flying donkey and working with other flying donkeys to make your home, an island floating in the clouds, a better place? Sounds pretty far fetched. Maybe even pretty fantastical. Well, fantasy genre ahoy – the developers at Nurusoft dropped us a line to say that they’re making this a reality, and you can take part in their alpha testing.

They’re designing a new browser-based MMO called Elarien. Everything I asked just now about your wildest dreams – that’s what they’re doing with it. I’m not sure why (I assume it’ll be explained sometime) but you’ll play a flying ass, and while the focus is on working with other player-donkeys, Nurusoft say there are other layers too. Chances to raise – and use – huge armies, elect island leaders… and, I’d guess, more. Sounds almost too silly to be true? Seems legit, take a look and find yourself grinning in a silly fashion much like I did.

I don’t know much about the inspiration behind the game. I do know that it looks pretty, it could be a lot of fun and they’re looking for alpha testers.

Oh, and that the phrase ‘player-donkeys’ is just waiting to come into mass useage.

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