Great New Blogger Advice from the NBI

Amongst the many benefits that the Newbie Blogger Initiative is already having on the blogosphere (did I mention what a great idea this is?, I do wonder if the flood of advice posts will be one of the most lasting.

Unlike other subject blogospheres, the MMO community has tended to be a bit short on advice posts – partially, possibly, because there’s not so much real-world money at stake here. But with the NBI, some really great writers are coming out of the woodwork with great advice for their fellow bloggers:

  • Scary at Scary Worlds writes a fascinating story of how he came to blog, and some unique advice on blogging from a phone“Most of all, I do it because I love to. Over the years my phone has become the only way I can write. I write upwards of 1,000 words an hour on the sucker.”
  • Stropp has a short, sweet, and vital piece of advice for any venture – just do it“Don’t wait. Take action now. Just Do It.”
  • Starshadow offers some generally useful tips for anyone writing online“Read your posts back to yourself, make sure it flows. Ask someone to proof read for you if you’d like an opinion before you publish. “
  • And Chris at High Latency Life offers some advice on just how to find your blogging voice“For me it was an evolution, but it starts with a vision. My vision for this blog has always been to entertain. The world loves a fool, and I am that fool. “

What are your top tips for the new bloggers at the NBI?

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Join the Newbie Blogger Initiative!

I’m continually impressed by how supportive and generous people on the blogosphere can be toward their fellow players and bloggers – and today’s no exception to that rule.

During the month of may, a huge number of gaming bloggers led by Syp of Bio Break and Massively fame are getting together to encourage new writers to join the MMO blogging community. Their effort is called the Newbie Blogger Initiative

“Are you a fan of MMO blogs, read them voraciously, and even comment on them from time to time? Do you look at the glamorous life of bloggers and wistfully imagine what it might be like? Have you ever entertained the notion of starting a blog of your own, but for whatever reason you talked yourself out of it?

All of that above? That was me prior to 2008. That was Syp before he worked up the nerve to start a blog of his own. And if that’s you right now, we want it to change.

May 2012 will be a huge month in the blogosphere, because it’s the month of the Newbie Blogger Initiative — and you can be a big part of it! The goal of the NBI is simple: To get prospective writers to come out of the woodwork and try their hand at an MMO blog of their own. We all know how hard it is to get started, which is why over 60 MMO bloggers have banded together to give you a HUGE measure of encouragement, advice, and initial traffic. ”

This is a great idea, and we’ll be following it with a lot of interest. Much respect to the sponsors, much support to the new bloggers.

Anyone who starts a blog on the NBI will get added to the Melting Pot’s feedreader so that we can do our part, so – if you’ve been thinking of joining the blogging fold, this is the month to do it!

Are you sponsoring or joining in the New Blog Initiative?

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