TESTED: Just how unfriendly is WoW?

WoW, eh? Not like it used to be. Totally unfriendly now. Elitist, too.

You never get people wanting to help new players.

Or do you?

Spurred on by what does indeed sound like a pretty poorly-contrived article about how WoW was Very Unfriendly These Days, Big Bear Butt decided to test the theory – by creating a couple of new characters in WoW, and seeing if he did indeed simply end up left out in the cold. Was he spurned by the elitists and abandoned, alone and uninformed?


“I decided to test the first underlying assumption. That the community is full of apathy and nobody will help anyone, and those level 1 guild invites are evil.

I made a level 1 alt on a different realm, chose a name at random that was vaguely fantasy-ish, and started playing. No heirlooms.

Within 10 minutes, I had a guild invite and accompanying whisper.

I accepted the invite, and was greeted in a friendly way by several people.

I said, “Hi! Thank you. I’m really new to the game, um, can anyone tell me where I can find something to tell me what these buttons do?”

Guess what?

Holy crap, did I get a lot of help.

It turns out, people seem to know an awful lot about this game, and shocker! They are not only willing to share that knowledge, but they seemed very happy to be able to give advice to someone that didn’t already know it all.

I got suggestions of visiting Wowhead.com to be able to see what my specific abilities do, a suggestion to visit Tarou on Youtube to see many guides to current content, a warning that most of the videos were guides to help make gold in-game but lots of other stuff too, suggestions of MMO-Champion for the latest news, and one person took the time to take me step by step through my Spellbook and teach me how to see what I have, what specs and Talents are, how to move them onto my bar and move them around, and finally, a suggestion that I pay attention to the level 3 quest I will get that has me test an ability on a training dummy, and how I should remember that because when I get new abilities, I can put them on my bar, go to one of those training dummies in any city, and try them out.”

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Introducing – Ultra-Brief Dungeon Tactics Guides

As part 2 of our Big Guide For New Players , we’ve got something else rather cool today – our new ultra-brief tactics guides for Cata heroics .

See, whilst WoWHead or WoWWiki tactics guides are ace for a detailed look at the boss you’re about to face, I’ve usually found they lack quite a bit when you don’t know or can’t remember an instance, and are trying to read tactics on the fly. There’s a lot of clicking involved, there’s no guidance as to which mechanics are basically optional and which ones Will Kill You Dead, and so on.

So, for anyone who doesn’t know a dungeon, we’ve written these one-page guides. Every boss is described with the same sort of brevity you’d use if you were typing tactics into chat – 2 or 3 sentences, enough to easily skim and read.

We also wrote these guides for us. How often have you ended up in a dungeon with a player who admits he doesn’t know the place? In my experience, you want to help him or her out – because you’d like to be nice and you don’t want to wipe – but actually writing tactics for each boss on the fly at the same time as playing is really hard work.

So I’m going to use these guides in future. Open page as soon as player admits he doesn’t know the place. Before each boss – copy, paste into party chat, done.

I hope you find the guides similarly useful!

**If you find these guides useful, or you think someone else might, please do link to them!

Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and blogs are all good! We’ve got a lot of work to do to get these guides past the noise and into the hands of people who need them, so any help’s really appreciated!

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Today’s Quick Links – New to a guild? Or making cash on gems?

Hey, y’all. Rebecca found a couple of cool links, so I thought I’d share them from my virtual beach hut.

First up, if you’re joining a new guild, or if you have just had someone join your guild, Dwarven Battle Medic has a truly excellent guide on how to make the process smoother. I particularly like the bit on how to welcome people to a guild.

Second, there’s a fascinating piece about gem prices up on I Like Pancakes. I’d go so far as to say this is a must-read for any jewelcrafters out there – she’s using about two and a half months of her auctioning experience to give recommendations on the best gems to sell, with lots and lots of Dataz. I Liek Dataz.


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