Neverwinter MMO and City Of Steam impressions – Blog Roundup

Lots of new titles bubbling up or about to explode onto the MMO scene right now!

Here’s a quick round up of the reports bloggers have posted in the last week from new MMOs:

  • West Karana has posted continuing first impressions of Neverwinter after a few weeks“I’ve played Neverwinter for a couple of weeks, now, casually — and I still don’t feel I understand the game.”
  • Avatars Of Steel posts a first look at the steampunk MMO City Of Steam, finding it technically buggy but entertaining“The Unity Web Browser chugs, no doubt about it. I’m not sure it’s great on complexity. My fps was between 2-5, but the game was still playable by some miracle.
  • And Kaozz looks at both Neverwinter and City of Steam, finding both of them definitely worth continued interest“Very easy and painless, just make an account and go. If you’re looking for something fun and lighthearted, this seems a fantastic choice.”
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Should You Ever Play Neverwinter?

The latest contender on the ever-more-crowded fantasy MMORPG block is out – Neverwinter, based on 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons and from “Star Trek Online” developers Cryptic.

It’s another Free To Play MMO – but that doesn’t mean the time you’d spend on it is worthless. So, is it worth spending that time?

Apparently, yes.

  • Chris at Level Capped writes a favourable impressions post, saying that he can’t think of a reason not to play it“. It’s free. It’s got decades of IP behind it. It’s social (if you like that), and Cryptic does a stellar job of letting you know that you don’t need to follow the Golden Path every single time you log in.”
  • Aggronaut finds it very entertaining, even if it isn’t going to set the world on fire“For me it fills the same place that Guild Wars 2 does. It will never be my primary MMO, but it is a fun change from one of the more traditional experiences. “
  • And MMO Gamer Chick wasn’t expecting to find it very fun, but has been surprised both by her and her husband’s reaction to it” Every hour, I still get surprised when I stumble across new game mechanics or systems that I didn’t know existed, while continuing to be impressed by how much is already in place. “
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New And Exciting In the MMO World

To round off this week, we’ve got a bit of a grab-bag of coolness. Yes, it seems that the MMOsphere is starting to recover from its release-stupor, and there are all sorts of new things starting to look shiny on the horizon – or here already…

See you next week!

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