Easy mounts to get in WoW

Where would Gandalf be without Shadowfax? Where would Don Quixote be without Rocinante? Where would Shrek be without Donkey? Whatever type of hero you want to play, one thing’s for sure: you’ll need a suitably heroic steed. To help you along, here’s our list of easy mounts to get in WoW.

Once your World of Warcraft character hits level 20, you’ll be able to learn the Apprentice Riding skill, which sounds rather unpleasant for the poor apprentice, but is actually just the skill you need to be able to ride at all. Once you’ve trained that skill, you’ll be able to obtain and ride a mount. As well as making you travel faster, mounts come in a wide variety of types, colors and sizes. Some of the more exotic mounts require you to be either very lucky, very persistant, or – most often – both in order to aquire them, but there are some basic mounts which are easy to get hold of.

Racial mounts

By far the easiest mounts to get hold of are those provided by your own race. For Horde characters, these will be Wolves for Orcs, Kodos for Tauren, Raptors for Trolls, Skeletal Horses for Undead, Hawkstriders for Blood Elves, and Trikes for Goblins. For Alliance characters, the choices are Elekk for Draenei, Rams for Dwarves, Mechanostriders for Gnomes, Horses for Humans, and Sabers for Night Elves. Worgen have no racial mount – instead they just get down on all fours and run!

You’ll automatically be able to buy the mounts for your own race, but you can obtain the mounts for other races of your faction once you hit Exalted reputation with that race. The exception to this is the Worgen Running Wild ability, which only Worgen characters can learn.


Class mounts

Depending on your class, you may have another easy way to get a mount: your class mount. Not every class has a mount, but those that do usually learn the ability automatically and for free at level 20. Warlocks will learn to summon a Felsteed. Paladins will also automatically gain a mount – the exact nature of which will depend on the paladin’s race.

If you’re playing a druid or a shaman, you won’t have access to any class specific mounts, but you will be able to transform yourself into a form with faster movement – a cat for a druid, and a ghost wolf for a shaman.

Easy quest mounts

While the aquisition of most mounts will require some effort, there are a few which are easier than others. If you’re looking for an ususual mount that won’t require too much work to obtain, try one of these:

Venomhide Ravasaur

Available to Horde characters only, this rideable raptor is a reward from a series of daily quests given out by Mor’vek in Un’Goro crater. You’ll need to be of a high enough level to wander around Un’Goro crater without being instantly eaten, but the quests are easy. It’ll take you 20 days in total to get your mount.

Brown Riding Camel and Tan Riding Camel

Once you’re Exalted with the Ramkahen faction in Uldum, you’ll be able to buy these mounts from Blacksmith Abasi.

Armored Brown Bear

There are several mounts which can be bought for cold, hard cash, but this is among the cheapest. At 800g, it’ll still leave your pockets lighter, but if you want to ride an armored bear into battle like Lyra Belacqua, visit Mei Francis in Dalaran.


Getting to Exalted reputation with the Kurenai or Mag’har in Outland can be a bit of a grind, but you’ll get access to eight different talbuk mounts if you do so, which makes it worth considering.

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Guild experience – Cataclysm: how to earn it and how to level your guild fast in Cata

MMO players have long been used to the idea of earning experience to advance their own characters, but with the addition of Guild experience, Cataclysm has given us a whole new way of advancing. If you’re in a small guild struggling to boost your levels, or if you’re a guildmaster looking to optimize the efforts of your guildies, this short guide will help you get the most of WoW’s new guild experience mechanic.

Your guild, rather like your character, now has a level. A new guild starts at level 1, and the maximum level attainable is currently level 25. The higher the level, the more perks your guild members will have access to. These perks range from the purely cosmetic, such as new vanity pets and mounts, to the pragmatically useful – for example, guilds which hit a certain level gain the ability to mass resurrect entire raids, or have their repair bills automatically slashed or their hearthstone cooldown times reduced. There are plenty of reasons to try to level your guild, and even the lower levels give immediately useful benefits.

Your character even has a reputation with your guild, just as she has a reputation with the many factions in-game. The best guild rewards are only available to players whose guild reputation is Exalted. Earning guild experience will automatically raise your personal guild reputation, as well as contributing towards the earned experience of your guild as a whole (and bringing you all a bit closer to the next guild level).

As one might expect, leveling a guild is a cooperative task which will require all your guildies to work together. Each guild member earns guild experience, and there’s a cap of 6,246k xp on the amount of guild experience a guild can gain in one day.

How to gain experience for your guild

Many of the day-to-day tasks which you’re probably already performing in WoW will award guild experience as well as any other rewards.

  • Completing quests will reward guild experience (in additional to any standard experience which would be awarded). If your character is level 85 and therefore no longer earns standard experience from questing, completing quests will still reward guild experience. The amount of guild experience awarded is 25% of the amount of standard XP awarded.
  • Completing daily quests also awards guild experience. At maximum level, this is one of the best ways to earn guild experience. Again, the guild XP awarded is based on the standard XP.
  • Successfully killing a boss in a dungeon will reward guild experience, but only if the majority of the party is from the same guild – pugging a random dungeon or raid on your own gets you nowhere. Killing a boss in a 5-man group will grant 18600 guild XP (per player) if two other party members are from your guild. With three fellow guildies, the amount increases to 37200 XP per player, and if all five members of the party are from the same guild the amount earned per boss kill is 46500.
  • Killing a raid boss awards 78700 guild XP per person, if sufficient guild members are present. For a 10-man raid, you’ll need at least 8 guildies. For a 25-man raid, at least 20 raiders need to be guilded.
  • A winning arena team will earn experience for their guild, but only if all members of the team are from the same guild. The amount of XP earned in this case is 138,800 XP per player.
  • A rated Battleground win will also award guild experience. Each Honor Point gained will also award 10 guild experience. In addition, a rated battleground win will also award guild experience, but only if at least 8 members of the team are from the same guild. There’s still some debate as to exactly how much XP is awarded in this case.


How quickly can we advance?

The daily experience cap puts an effective limit on the speed at which your guild will be able to advance. Getting from level 1 to level 2 requires just over 16,500k xp. With the daily cap at just over 6000k xp, it’ll take you three days to gain your first guild level even if you earn the maximum amount of experience you possibly can. Don’t despair, though – guild experience is comparatively easy to come by, so even a leisurely-paced guild should find themselves naturally climbing up the rankings.

Take a look at this fantastic series of forum posts by Bregdark, which break down the specific numbers in excruciating detail.

The most efficient way to advance

If you want to hit Guild level 25 as soon as possible, you’re going to want to hit the guild experience cap every day. The most efficient way to do that partially depends on your playstyle and the size of your guild, but in most cases raids and dungeons are the best way to go.

As a rough guideline, if your guild can kill a raid boss in the amount of time it would take to kill two dungeon bosses, raiding will be the most efficient thing to do. If not, split the raid into five groups of 5 (or two groups of 5 for a 10-man raid) and run heroic dungeons instead. Of course, each raid boss can only be killed once per week, so you have to resort to dungeon boss kills eventually anyway. If you can complete Lost City Of The Tolvir in less time that it would take you to down any two raid bosses, you’ll be better off running dungeons. Remember to take raid trash into account when estimating your timing!

Be sure to keep an eye on the guild experience cap. Any activity after you hit the cap is wasted. It’s important to note, though, that the guild experience cap is removed once you hit guild level 20, so once you’ve reached 20 you can happily grind until your fingers fall off.

Guild leveling! Huh! Good God, y’all – what is it good for?

Absolutely everything.

The benefits of guild advancement are numerous. Each additional guild level provides a new “perk”, which will automatically apply to all your guild members. These perks include:

  • An increase to amount of experience or reputation gained from killing monsters and completing quests.
  • Items taking less durability loss when you die (giving all your guildies lower repair bills).
  • An extra bit of cash being automatically deposited in your guild bank every time a guild member loots cash from a mob.
  • Hearthstone cooldowns being reduced for every guild member.
  • Mail sent between guild members arriving instantly.

… and much more besides. Wowwiki has an excellent detailed list of guild perks available at each level.

Additional guild perks

As well as allowing guilds to advance by earning experience, Cataclysm also brought with it the ability for guilds to earn Achievements in just same way as players. These guild achievements usually require the cooperation of several (if not all) guild members. In addition to the benefits gained each time the guild advances a level, there are a variety of other perks and items to which you’ll have access, depending on your personal guild reputation and whether or not you’ve accomplished some of these guild achievements.

The additional rewards available from guild achievements include Heirloom items, vanity pets and mounts. If your guild manages to hit the maximum Guild Level of 25, for example, you’ll be able to purchase the undeniably awesome Reins of the Kor’kron Annihilator if you’re a Horde guild, or the almost-as-awesome-but-not-quite Reins of the Golden King for Alliance guilds.

No matter how you like to play the game, whether you’re a loner quietly grinding quests and professions, or a dedicated raider never far from your guildies’ sides, you’ll be able to earn guild experience whilst carrying on with your favorite guild activities. Since guild experience benefits everyone, there’s no reason not to start building it up right now.

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