Mount Hyjal resources on the Pot

Mount Hyjal is one of the most enjoyable zones in Cataclysm. With the addition of the Firelands daily quest hub, the Firelands raid, and the Elemental Bonds questline, it’s also one of the most active and popular zones.

Here’s a quick summary of the Pot’s resouces for Mount Hyjal:

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Mining Obsidium for fun and profit

Cataclysm introduced three new types of ore to the Warcraft world: Pyrite, Elementium and Obsidium. Of these, Obsidium is the easiest to obtain. Since it only need a mining skill of 425 to extract, it’s also likely to be the first Cataclysm ore you encounter.

By far the best place to farm for Obsidium ore is Mount Hyjal, site of Malfurion Stormrage’s’ resistance against Ragnaros and the Twilight Legion (and also, of course, the site of Thrall’s marriage to Aggra). If you haven’t started the Mount Hyjal questchain yet, take a look at our guide guide to see How to get to Mount Hyjal. Avoid the area at the south east of the zone, where the dragons are flying around – it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Deepholm_ is also a good zone in which to farm Obsidium. If you’re trying to gain reputation with Therazane (to get your shoulder enchantment), you can often combine the Therazane quests with your regular Obsidium farming.

If you’re doing a lot of mining, you might find it easier to install an addon such as Gatherer, which will help you plot the best routes around the zones.

As with other ores, two pieces of Obsidium Ore can be smelted down to make a single Obsidium Bar. Obsidium Bars usually sell for more than Obsidium Ore, but if you’re looking to make a profit from your mining, it’s worth checking your server’s auction house to see which is the most profitable.

Obsidium Bars can also prove quite valuable when combined with the Engineering profession. The most profitable things to craft will probably be Handfuls of Obsidium Bolts, which are used for several further recipes, and the Personal World Destroyer companion pet, which can reliably sell for several hundred gold.

Any tips for farming Obsidium ore, or useful things to do with it? Let us know in the comments.

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An introduction to Mount Hyjal

Mount Hyjal is probably the first Cataclysm zone you’ll encounter once your character hits level 80. Hyjal, on the continent of Kalimdor, is – as its name suggests – a mountain. The zone is higher than any other zone on the continent, so if you’re flying in from elsewhere you’ll need to travel almost as much vertical distance as horizontal! Check our quick guide if you want to know How to get to Mount Hyjal.

Mount Hyjal was not accessible until the release of Cataclysm, although the zone has played an important part in Warcraft lore. During the Third War, the power of Nordrassil the World Tree was harnessed in order to repel the Burning Legion. As a result, Nordrassil was badly damaged and Hyjal was devastated.

Now the region is once again under threat, this time from that grumpy old fire lord Ragnaros and his minions. A desperate defense has been mounted under the leadership of Malfurion Stormrage. Playing through the Mount Hyjal zone questline will involve the player in this battle, and will eventually result in an assault upon the elemental stronghold of Ragnaros himself.

Mount Hyjal is also the site of Thrall’s rather impromptu marriage to Aggra – an event which can be witnessed in-game by completion of the correct questchain – as well as the gateway to the Firelands raid (at Sulfuron Spire in the south of the zone) and the associated daily quests (at the Sanctuary of Marlorne in the west of the zone).

There are some great quests in Hyjal. If you’re old enough to remember the videogame Joust, you’re going to have a great time playing through Blizzard’s three-dimensional homage. Alternatively, you might enjoy rescuing stranded bear cubs from trees (by climbing the tree, grabbing the cub, and throwing it down onto a trampoline, naturally) or saving baby turtles from a fire (by drop-kicking them into the Ashen Lake).

Mount Hyjal is a great zone to quest in. Most quests in this zone will earn your reputation with the Guardians of Hyjal faction. Hyjal is also a great place to mine Obsidium or gather the Cinderbloom herb.

What did you think of Mount Hyjal? Let us know in the comments.

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Who on Azeroth is Aggra?

If you’ve played through the Goblin starting questline on Kezan and the Lost Isles or if you’ve rescued Thrall from the afflictions of Majordomo Staghelm, but haven’t read any of the Warcraft novelizations, you might be wondering who on Azeroth this new ‘Aggra’ character is.

The short answer is that Aggra is now Thrall’s wife, and that’s official so you’d better get used to it.

Aggra is an orc of the Mag’har, and a powerful shaman in her own right. She got to know Thrall during the events immediately following Wrath of the Lich King and before Cataclysm – events detailed in the World of Warcraft novelization The Shattering.

Thrall traveled to Nagrand to commune with the elements there, during which time he met Aggra. While the two of them initially antagonized each other, they soon became – in true buddy cop fashion – the best of friends. The friendship blossomed into love, and any fanboy hope of seeing Thrall and Jaina Proudmore play Hide the Stoneskin Totem died an undignified death.

Aggra plays a significant role in the events of the goblin starting questline on the Lost Isles. She leads the band of shipwrecked orcs who, with the aid of the goblins, rescue Thrall from imprisonment at the hands of Alliance S:17 agents. She later makes a reappearance during the questline The Call of the World Shaman, during which she follows Thrall around complaining that he talks too much, while ordering the player to do all the hard work. If you do manage to complete that questline, you’ll be rewarded with an i-level 365 cloak, and you’ll be punished by being made to endure Thrall and Aggra’s vomit-inducing commitment ceremony. Depending on your opinion, of course, this may be the best thing about that questline. If you really want to see it, check our guide, How to get to Mount Hyjal.

It was Aggra who convinced Thrall that he needed to choose between his duties as a Warchief and his duties as a Shaman. Thrall, who was perhaps following the advice of a part of his body other than his brain, chose the later option – leaving Garosh Hellscream to lead the Horde to glory under his famous election slogan “Vote Hellscream – because 99% ineptitude just ain’t good enough.”

What do you think of Aggra? Do you approve of her partnership with Thrall, or were you as confused about her sudden appearance as the rest of us?

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Cata Roundup: Guild leveling, Hyjal and Vashj’ir Impressions, Healing In Cataclysm

Folks are starting to surface from their game-induced reverie, presumably in need of survival essentials like coffee and snacks. As they take a break from levelling they’re also letting us know how they’re getting on with their adventures. These might not be the most useful information but a lot of that’s been covered earlier in the week: no, today, we have tales from the ground. And some from the sea, just for a bit of variety. Interesting reads, especially given that you might not have been to some of these zones yet. I’d issue a spoiler warning and do keep it in mind but for the most part these posts are all generalised and don’t give too much away.

Oh, and there is one matter to be cleared up before we move on. Let’s do that first…

  • Guild Leveling: Numbers – are you confused how the guild levelling works or just need it on screen in one place? Psynister’s gone through the information about guild levelling and his post has details on how much experience your guild can earn per day and how guild members can earn guild experience. He also has a table showing how quickly guilds can expeect to get to the top guild level – a really nice touch,
  • Vashj’ir – Naithin over at Fun In Games has been making his way through the underwater realm of Vashj’ir and has some thoughts on the zone. Specifically he’s taking a look at the story and how it pans out. He doesn’t go into too many details but does generalise how the story arc goes. He looks at how the story works compared to a book or a movie, and says that Blizzard made a brave attempt at it.
  • Daily Thoughts: Hyjal – Sharden’s taken a brief pause from the login queues to share his thoughts on Hyjal so far. He’s talking about his gear and upgrades so far and has some interesting observations – group quests, anyone? A decent read for anyone wondering what Hyjal might be like. He’s also got the low-down on a Hyjal levelling guide if you’re looking for one.
  • Field Report: Undead No More – Zinn’s race changed his priestie and then gone into the new doom n’ gloom zones with her. This one might be of particular interest to healers out there, as among other things he talks about healing the new instances, how hard he’s finding it and how he’s had to adjust his healing style.
  • A lone hunter… – Cheres has been levelling as a hunter and has found that BM just doesn’t do it for him. Though he has found what spec he enjoys and lets us know how he’s modified that – and which pets he’s lugging around in his pocket – to enjoy the levelling game, saying it’s better than previous incarnations of hunters.

Meanwhile, how about you – are you saving the world one zone at a time or are you still enjoying the content we got in the Shattering a couple of weeks ago?

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