Blog posts about Sin, Heroism And Smarts…

And to close out the day, we’ve got everything from musing on the meaning of “heroism” to hardcore numbers for healers in Mists! Take it away, guys:

  • Matticus has been crunching the numbers on mana in Mists. Want to know what your healing will feel like come MoP?“So we’re going back to entry-level Cataclysm healing? In a word, yes.”
  • Mataoka of Sugar And Blood, inspired by some of this week’s posts and comments, has been musing on what exactly it means to be a hero
  • Vidyala writes about something I know afflicts me reasonably often – the tendancy to just take on too much“My problem is this – I overestimate the time I have. I underestimate how long it’ll take me to get things done. I overextend myself and commit to too many things.”
  • And Fulguralis is mining an interesting source for MMO design – the Catholic concept of Original Sin“Why do Sith and Jedi alike start off neutral? Are we to believe that they’ve never made a choice until the very moment that we rolled them? Is this sort of the Bioware “age of reason” doctrine?”

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