Minecraft World Seeds – what are seeds, what’s the world generator, and what are some cool minecraft world seeds?

Minecraft’s worlds are nothing short of awesome – but, of course, they’re totally randomly generated. Wouldn’t it be very cool indeed if you could share worlds, play on ones that other people had created, maybe even choose what your world looked like? Well, you can. Enter Minecraft World Seeds.

A “World Seed” in Minecraft is the tool that drives the random landscape generator. No computer can generate truly random numbers – instead, any random generator of any kind starts with a “seed”, often the time and date when the random function starts to run. Minecraft is no different – usually it uses the time on your computer as a seed to generate its world.

However, since 1.3, there’s an option to add a different seed at the “create world” screen – and that has allowed Minecraft players to share the most spectacular worlds they’ve found.

How To Use A Seed

Using a world seed in Minecraft is simplicity itself. When you start the game, go to the “Create World” option. You’ll see the screen below:

Add your chosen seed in the “Seed for the World Generator” box. A seed can be any string of numbers, letters and punctuation, and can be any length – there’s no known maximum or minimum length for a Minecraft seed, other than there must be SOME characters in it! If you type more characters than there appears to be space for in the box, it’ll just keep going. (It’s possible it only uses the first 32 characters, though – the number that you can cut and paste into the box.)

There’s no logic to the worlds generated by specific seeds, at least that is known to the community. Typing “desert” into the box will not result in a desert world, for example!

That’s it. You don’t need to use Minecraft admin commands, the Single Player Commands mod, or anything like that.


Some famous seeds

Finding World Seeds for Minecraft is extremely simple – just test any string of letters and numbers – but the good ones are rarer, and worth showing off.

There are hundreds of Minecraft seeds being created every day – indeed, there are entire webites, like http://www.minecraftseeds.info/, dedicated to nothing but showing off cool Minecraft seeds and the landscapes they create. (There are some awesome worlds on there, but I do wish their quality control was a BIT higher – you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs to find a great landscape, to mix metaphors.)

The "Glacier" minecraft world seed

"Glacier" world seed

Some seeds have become famous within the Minecraft community, either because they produce really attractive landscapes, or for, erm, other reasons:

  • Glacier – probably the most famous Minecraft seed so far. It creates a stunning landscape filled with cliffs, forest, and floating islands.
  • 1337 – OK, this one MAY be hardcoded. Creates a cave-ridden landscape, great for explorers.
  • 404 – Creates a world with a gravel patch at the center – if you break a single block, an epic cave-in leads to a frankly massive cave.
  • 6849903145766763736 – HUGE mountains, massive trees, great holes in cliffs – this one’s just epic.
  • cock – no, seriously. Creates a snowy world, which is very popular – although for some reason, people keep getting banned from forums for suggesting it…
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